Happy happy happy

I always seem to think of good blog entries when I am not near the PC… and then when I’m on the PC I sort of surf lazily in between ordering groceries etc.

So I figured I may as well just do a little update, no great shakes.

It’s the school holidays so I have little DG home with me. It’s not easy as he is very NOISY and the babies couldn’t nap in peace. Today so far has been a bit more sedate and a friend should be here soon with her 5 year old DD. It won’t be quuet, but it will be fun. Both babies slept well last night and are having a good nap now. Mind you, little DG and I are both in our pyjamas still.

I can’t believe 7 weeks have gone by already. It’s gone in a flash, and I have enjoyed every fleeting minute. It makes it much easier to manage endless feeding … knowing that these are days I will think back on with a sort of wistfulness later. I think this time round I had a better understanding of what early breastfeeding is like, so I haven’t been worried or stressed. They’ve been growing really well, putting on at least half a pound a week, once we got past the first fortnight.

I’m just planning a naming ceremony. We can weave in some thanks for Hobbesy’s kind donation, she and her DH will be “non”godparents and she will sing (she is a professional singer)

I will try to update more often. I have been reading DE blogs and commenting when I can. I wish with all my heart that everyone can find peace and happiness.

A year ago the fresh DEIVF had just ended in a BFN and I was persuading the clinic to do an immediate FET, which went ahead in the end in July…

~ by drownedgirl on May 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Happy happy happy”

  1. so good to hear from you!
    and good to know that July FET’s are lucky…as guess who is getting ready for hers!

  2. Happy for you!

  3. Hi Fushia
    So lovely to read your blog. It’s good to ‘hear’ from you – I can guess how busy things are.
    Take care
    Best wishes

  4. They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad it’s going well.

  5. Your babies are the cutest little bundles of joy EVER! Every DE story is such an inspiration to me!

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