Hello everybody.

Excuse the radio silence… our little miracles are two weeks old tomorrow and we’ve spent the time getting to know them and establishing breastfeeding. Our birth was wonderful and I will write it up. For now, I’m enjoying something I never thought I’d have … not one, but two beautiful little babies – Tor.en and Mair.ead.

Our beautiful babies


~ by drownedgirl on April 18, 2008.

25 Responses to “Babymoon”

  1. Oh DG… they are beautiful. I am so glad that all is well! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Such incredible, beautiful babies. Congratulations!

  3. Here they are!! Oh, how we have waited for you two little darlings to arrive! I wish I could kiss all five of you and give you wishes of good luck and happiness. How sweet and beautiful they are!! Congrats to you and your family! XO Daisy

  4. sooooooo good to hear from you, sweetie!
    They are beautiful.

  5. Perfect.

  6. WOW! They are gorgeous! Cngratulations to you all! I am thrilled for you and your family. 🙂

  7. They are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!!!

  8. Beautiful.

  9. Wonderful. Beautiful. Fabulous. I’m so happy for you!

  10. Beautiful! Congratulations.

  11. They are so beautiful! Congratulations!

  12. welcome to the world little ones!

  13. What beautiful babies! Very, very sweet.

  14. gorgeous! welcome babies, can’t bear to hear more about you!

  15. Massive congratulations to you all, your tiny babies are gorgeous. Well done all of you. xxxx

  16. The babies are SO beautiful! Really breathtaking.

  17. They are beautiful. xxx

  18. They’re gorgeous. Congratulations to the whole happy family.

  19. They are beautiful. Wishing you all every happiness.


  20. So beautiful! Congratulations! Looking forward to more photos of your lovely family!

  21. They are divine! How sweet it must be to look onto those faces and feel your heart swell.

  22. Very happy for you. Sending my very best to you and your lovely little ones. PJ

  23. They are perfect! Too cute for words. Congrats!

  24. They are so beautiful, dear DG! I am so utterly touched and thrilled for you.

  25. Oh DG, they are stunningly beautiful. Congratulations to you and family. And what a nice big family it is now!!!

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