BIG news

Well, I (kf) haven’t updated again as the plan was that DG would stay in until yesterday (Wednesday) morning as she was already booked in for a scan, then if all was well she would be allowed home later in the day. The scan caused a bit of a panic, it looks like the little boy hasn’t really grown much since the last one. It sounded like they would want to immediately induce.

Back on the ward a sympathetic doctor went through everything and said it wasn’t as much of an emergency as it first sounded. The signs up til now were the earliest signs the the placenta is beginning to fail. She would need a ctg/monitoring that afternoon then be allowed home for a few days before induction.

The babies wouldn’t stay still for the monitoring, but they decided late in the evening she could be allowed home  overnight to return to try monitoring again at 9am this morning.

Well this morning came and dg went in early as she was having difficulty breathing. I didn’t hear anything til early this afternoon so was starting to worry but finally have heard that she has been poked and prodded all day with a decision made to keep her in until induction… TOMORROW!

DG is obviously finding this all very stressful. She has been in on her own all day today as Mr DG has been at home looking after a poorly little dg, so he won’t be in until things get going tomorrow. At times like this I really wish I could drive!

Well, muster all the positive thoughts you can coz this is it! These so long awaited and much wanted babies will very soon be here. I for one cannot wait, and can guarantee I’ll be pretty emotional once they’re here

Everything has been headed to this….


~ by drownedgirl on April 3, 2008.

9 Responses to “BIG news”

  1. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts as we wait for more news.

  2. I’m thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. Fuschia, I am so happy for you that this day is finally here, and that these much wanted and loved little babies are almost here. How marvelous. I’m sending healthy baby and mommy vibes, as well as easy labor vibes too. :*)

  4. Best wishes for a smooth delivery! How exciting!

  5. Great news! Please keep us posted.

  6. Sending positive vibes and a zillion hugs to you all today.
    Thanks again for keeping us updated, kf, it must be such an anxious time for you too.
    Love and best wishes for you all.

  7. Wow. Wishing you so much luck and sending calming, healing, growing energy to all.

  8. They didn’t find her a bed on labour ward for induction til 4pm so no more news yet, but all was well last time I heard. Baby boy head well down so all looks good for a natural delivery

    KF x

  9. Good luck DG, KF, Mr DG, little dg, and everyone involved!

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