latest news on dg

Hi all,

This is kf/Drowned Girl’s friend/donor. Just to let you all know she was admitted to hospital last night for observation. On Friday she was having visual disturbances and had high bp (shot from 110/70 to 150/86), by Sunday night both were still occurring and she had/has protein in her wee. Its not gone up any more overnight though and I think they are waiting to do a few more tests tomorrow.

*In fact a more recent update since I started typing is that her bp has dropped slightly today*. So, although very possible she could be in now until the babies arrive (or she’s induced if this carries on), she is still hoping she might be allowed home tomorrow, as as you know she hates hospitals. I’ll happily pass on any messages


~ by drownedgirl on March 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “latest news on dg”

  1. Hi KF and DG, Thinking of you and hope all goes well, do keep us posted ! H x

  2. I hope she is doing much better. I will be thinking about her and hoping to hear good news soon.

  3. I am thinking of you DG! Thank you KF for updating us. DG has been in my thoughts the past few days.. You’ll continue to be in my thoughts. Can’t wait to hear more .. I will be checking in.

  4. Sending good wishes for all.

  5. I’m hoping that everything is relatively calm and that taking it easy for a few days pulls that bp back down.

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I really hope she’s feeling ok today. I know she hates hospitals…

  7. I’m wishing DG and her family and friends all the very best. I hope she’s feeling better and her symptoms don’t evolve into pre-eclampsia. Please let her know I’m really rooting for her and the babies! 🙂

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