Children in pairs

Little DG is a very busy child who demands a lot of attention and it’s only recently that he can play nicely with others without too much screeching and bloodshed. So I’m not at all sure that life would be easier if he was one of two, though he did say sadly the other day that he gets lonely (sob)

Yesterday we had the chance to practice with this multiple children thing.

Hobbesy’s little T (same age as little DG) is on the mend after his hospital stay so Hobbesy and Mr H went ahead with the plan to go out for New Years while we had little T and E (who is just 2) overnight.

I had a call from another friend, whose daughter is 18m (14m adjusted) as her plans had fallen through and she had food ready for visitors who had cancelled… so we invited her and her partner to come over for the evening with the baby.

Hence it was that I found myself trying to convince little E, who is less malleable than she used to be, into a travel cot in my bedroom, sitting in darkness on the bed with her, while my friend sat beside me holding baby A and two travel cots awaited. After a bit of grumbling (E) and vomiting (A) we got them both ensconced and asleep by about 9pm. The thought crossed my mind how would I hold and soothe two babies by myself?

Things weren’t so easy with little DG and little T who were in little DG’s room. Little DG has not been settling well to sleep over Christmas, getting up frequently for the loo, drinks, extra blankets, lost bears and general reluctance to say goodnight. Multiply this by two, throw in some squabbling and at least one incident of little T trying to get into little DG’s readybed and little DG squirting his head with water… suffice it to say I finally managed to settle them by dint of lying between them, holding little DG still and saying shush, continuously. This was at 11pm!

Festivities then commenced, me in my pyjamas. Some fizzy wine, I did have a glass, and lovely meze brought over by my friend and a really nice evening.

Odd to think where we will be in a year’s time. My friend is aware of my worries that the babies may come early.  Summer 06 we spent a lot of time together. Her daughter was born at 24+0 and spent 5 months in hospital … but is now doing well. While she was in NICU I was having my 6th missed miscarriage and my friend came with me to scans. It’s funny the things life throws at you. Let’s hope all is good in 2008.

PS Good news is the boys didn’t get up till 8.30, and at about 9am little E got fed up with the noise emanating from the living room – some world war involving pirates, knights, a yellow power ranger, a plastic shark and Aslan, said firmly “Play!” and climbed out of the travel cot, neatly.


~ by drownedgirl on January 1, 2008.

One Response to “Children in pairs”

  1. DG, I am tired just reading your post! I am glad things settled down to a nice evening for you and your friend. I haven’t commented lately but I am so thinking of you and your big bundle.

    Happy New Year and all the best…

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