Life has been a bit manic. After conking out on Christmas Eve and needing rescuing by Mr DG, we got all behind and so we were up wrapping presents till past midnight.

Christmas morning we opened stockings with little DG’s godmother then I drove over to pick up MIL (or equivalent) By the time we got back and opened some more presents it was time to go to Mr DG’s sister who lives nearby. I felt obliged to help a bit with lunch.

By the time I had eaten I had to go and lie down. I really wanted to crawl into bed with my pyjamas. Mr DG drank a fair bit and was bad tempered when we got home and little DG was manic and over excited and it was a bit of a strain.

Boxing Day morning I drove us to my sisters, where we again had lunch, little DG was manic, blah blah. We stayed in a travelodge nearby but little DG wouldn’t go to sleep for ages and Mr DG was cross and I used up my last reserves of energy. Mr DG then snored all night so with that and heartburn and hourly trips to the loo, I was trashed by the morning. Popped back to my sisters, had breakfast then I persuaded Mr DG who doesn’t like swimming to come to a waterpark where he was left with no choice but to take little DG on the flumes. I could only go on sedate things, and found I was too fat really for the big rubber rings but just being in the water calmed me, as it always does. 

We then drove half way to H0bbesy’s, to stay in another travelodge. This time little DG was beat after the swimming so thank goodness we  were all either asleep or reading by 7pm!

In the morning Mr DG woke up with an upset tummy. While he was monopolising the bathroom my retching and vomiting returned, I threw up in my hands and then grabbed the sheet and was dramatically sick in that.

We drove onto Hobbesy’s. getting medicine for Mr DG on the way. The children played really nicely, if loudly. We went out for a late birthday lunch (Mr Hobbesy and baby E) and that was lovely. A quick rest, and then I had to drive us home. I was in bed by 8pm, zonked, and finally got a good night’s sleep, back in peace and quiet with my huge pillow.

Our house is a mess but Mr DG is dealing with it. A close friend is on her way over with her DD, and we’ll do something nice this afternoon.



~ by drownedgirl on December 29, 2007.

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