I will post more I promise

I have been feeling quite unwell with the acid and sickness, and also so aware of others still struggling, that I am loth to turn this into a smug pregnancy blog (and anyway, I’m not smug, I’m still anxious!)

But I am still reading lots of blogs, especially DE ones, and I will try to post more. I have written a post for the next instalment of the book tour, which will be up Monday.

Meanwhile, I am looking at incoming links to my blog, and would like to thank  Jenna for listing me for her Blogger Flame of Fortitude … I am in illustrious company and I feel almost ashamed, partly because my own history never seems as hard or sad as others, and partly because due to Hobbesy’s huge gift to me, I now find myself ever closer to the day I will hopefully head out of the trenches.

Of course, I got an award from Mel too, this time the Book Slogger Award for 2006-2007, for reading and commenting on all the books of the online book tour. Thanks to Mel for organising it, I’ve really enjoyed it. But then I love to read.

You can be sure I am keeping up with as many other blogs as I can, and after Christmas I will be working mostly at home, so I hope I can get back to blogging properly.

~ by drownedgirl on December 8, 2007.

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