Hospital saga

Hi all, rather dramatic day yesterday. Have been ill for a few weeks with a lot of retching and sickness and lump in my throat.  Pretty much stopped eating on Monday… have been waiting for emergency ent appt.

Saw my GP yesterday am as I felt rotten, he sent me to a&e, they admitted me to an ent ward at Guys. Luckily they managed to do the thing with the camera down my throat… twice! (yucky) and said it was reflux and gave me some new drugs and let me out late last night, I have to go back in a week.

Things were rather complicated as the local hospital a&e has to refer to ent at a different hospital, and they in turn had to obtain late night drugs from a third hospital (in the end we went ourselves by cab at 9pm to collect them)

Add into the mix that I was due to collect little DG from school in the midst of this (Mr DG’s sister rushed across London to get him and looked after him till 9.30pm) and the cat was at the vet waiting to be collected (we arranged for her to stay overnight.) 

So that was my yesterday.


~ by drownedgirl on November 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Hospital saga”

  1. Ugh– sounds awful. I hope the drugs kick in quickly to relieve the reflux.

  2. goodness! Have you yet had a week of dullness? So glad that the problem can be treated. I hope the meds do the trick soon so that you can eat & feel better soon.

  3. that sounds utterly terrible. i hope someone is bringing you tea and rubbing your feet.

  4. She’s not allowed tea lol. And, I know how much dg loves a cup of tea

  5. I know 😦

    Though I have been off it mostly since pregnant. I was just regaining my taste for it.

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