Orange pipecleaners

Every year I have a plan for little DG and I to make some tasteful Christmas cards for friends and family. Every year I gather some suitable supplies to coax him in the right direction – this year, pearlised card and glitter stick on motifs.

Every year little DG goes his own way. For instance, he isn’t convinced that the picture should go on the front, so after the first few cards, he switched to putting the picture inside. Secondly, he made me fetch his “making box”. Then ensued glitter, lots of glitter. Me, I ask him to write the recipient’s name  at the top (after I’ve written “Merry Christmas”) and his at the bottom (below “love from”) Little DG prefers to interleave the name of the recipient with my writing – hence

MLeIrLrLiy IChristmas, while his name is scrawled at a rakeish angle with tiny letters about 5mm high in the huge space below.


I drew a line at the orange pipe cleaners though.

Other news from me? 16+3, rather feeling the gap between appointments. At 12w we had the nuchal scan and I saw the hospital midwife and an obstetrician. Nothing due now on the NHS till week 22 when we have an anomaly scan and I see the doc again.

I’m hot on the trail of a space with the community midwives (possibility of homebirth, or at least, a hospital birth with midwives I’ve met) Sadly, you needed to book in at 5/6w pregnant to get a place with them. Hah. Fine chance I’d have done that! Do women really do that? You mean, just after their BFP, they honestly thought they would later have cause to use the services of a midwife? How quaint!

I have arranged an independent midwife, just for my sanity, but as she can’t deliver in hospital, and as a homebirth might be a faint hope, given the twins, getting myself also under the care of a known midwife for the birth if it takes place in hospital, is rather vexing my mind. My therapist suggested an appeal direct to the consultant, on the grounds of my hospital related post traumatic stress (at least she believes I’m not just being feeble) so I’ve written a letter and fingers crossed.

Next week I see my haematologist, and the week after, the independent midwife so hopefully we’ll hear the heartbeats again.

I have had some squirming from left hand twin, and a kick last night. Not a lot happening with right hand twin, but I’m trying not to worry.

I’m injecting away with the clexane and (as should be the case, on pregnancy number 9!) seem to have the technique sorted, at least as long as I can still do it in my belly. I’m still really tired, and struggling to eat a great deal, and have this horrid acid problem eating away at my throat and making me retch and puke. Only person in the world to BEGIN the sickness at 14 weeks! Waiting for an emergency ENT referral for that.

Mostly I feel quite at peace, and hopeful all will be well, though a niggling fear eats at me in the early hours, thinking of all the women I know, online, who have lost their babies in the second trimester.

Hobbesy tells me her DS has been confusing his cousins not just by announcing little DG is his new cousin, but that I have some babies in my tummy that are going to be his cousins too because they’re his mummy’s eggs. I gather the cousins finally grasped some rudimentary idea of what he was on about – the brave new world of assisted reproduction is probably a challenge when you’re 7!

~ by drownedgirl on November 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Orange pipecleaners”

  1. You’ve tried antacids for the stomach problems, yes? And eating nice fatty milk products? Ice cream was a real winner for me. Vanilla haagen dazs worked best…

  2. I have gaviscon tablets and also ranitidine (zantac).

    With little DG I had heartburn, from about 20w, and gaviscon used to sort it, but this is inflammation right up in my throat, horrid.

    I have been eating quite a lot of dairy trying to get the protein in…

  3. Glad to hear things are moving along. I hope you get the birthing place all sorted out soon.

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