Hope it’s not bad luck…

but I have my maternity clothes back from Mr DG’s niece. In order to extricate them we had to reveal all to his family including his most awkward sister, mother of the niece…

Everybody has been thrilled and excited and there is no hint of disapproval about the egg donor aspect. (One of his sisters has met Hobbesy at little DG’s birthday parties, the rest of  his family don’t know her.)  Did I tell you Mr DG is a twin, born when his mother was in her mid-forties?

Anyway, I have a huge laundry bag now to look through, it makes me feel nervous like it is bad luck somehow. But I don’t fit in many of my clothes now. People have begun to notice at work, and now we’re past 12 weeks, I think it’s time to tell.

Tomorrow I have my booking in appointment at the hospital. It’s in a clinic very close to the dreaded EPU. Even though I have my own midwife arranged, I’ll most likely be delivered in the hospital by their midwives, with mine there as my supporter. So it shouldn’t matter too much to me if I find it hard dealing with the staff there. The rest of my antenatal will be at home with Rene. But still. As a hospital phobic, it’s a bit of a challenge. At some point I’ll need to see the consultant I’m booked under. Also to discuss with the Supervisor of Midwives as I have clear ideas about my preferences, if there are no huge complications. In the meantime, I’ll try to turn a deaf ear to anything I hear along the lines of “We don’t let…” and “You must…”, “You can’t…”.


~ by drownedgirl on October 7, 2007.

9 Responses to “Hope it’s not bad luck…”

  1. I can understand feeling like getting the maternity clothes would be bad luck. Sometime logic refuses to take the lead. Is delivering at home an option for you? I hear you on being hospital phobic. I hope you don’t get too many (or none at all!) “We don’t . . ” statements.

    Congrats on making it out of the first trimester!

  2. Yes, we might be able to have the babies at home, it’s possible…

  3. As a fellow hospital-phobe, hope the consult goes ok and you are able to block out the “We don’t allow …” Congratulations on the twin pregnancy, that is lovely. I think it is always scary moving on to maternity clothes, I am wearing maternity jeans that I already had but every time I go online to order some more, I think, “Mmmm, let me wait another few weeks before I do something so definitely pregnant.”

  4. Not bad luck. Just realistic. Belly has to grow and you have to feel comfortable.

  5. I am also a hospital-phobe. Big time. My neighbor – also hospital-phobic, recently delievered her twins at home. I was beyond amazed. I hope you’re able to have your babies JUST as you’d like to.

  6. Im not too found of hospitals myself, but we are going to give birth in one with the aid of a doula and an obgyn who is on board with us. still i get nervous about our ideas clashing with those of the hospital staff…i’ll know more in the next few weeks. Glad to read all your updates DG. i finally posted the books we read recently one of them is from the Donor Conception Network which you may know, it’s UK based.

  7. Wow 12 weeks.. 🙂 🙂 How time flies. Congrats and I can understand your fears about maternity clothes. I have no great advice but just wanted to wish you luck and glad everything is going well.. 🙂 🙂

  8. sorry to leave this here but FF has blocked my posting privilages (I knew it was only a matter of time) I didn’t want you to think I was hopelessly rude so I ‘ve cut and pasted my response to your last PM here…..

    I’m sorry I’ll try that again….
    Don’t know if you got the last answer to your message as I believe I was the victim of an FF administrative Snafu…. I got a weird message when I pressed send and it disappeared into the ether. (Story of my life)

    I think I’d mostly resigned myself to a no baby experience this time round when there was nothing to see at the first scan. The staff at the EPU were so encouraging with the blood results that they nearly convinced me otherwise, but I could tell they weren’t believing me about the only possible timing.

    I’m still mostly numb, but as I never actually saw a potentially baby-shaped thing this time round, I’m more resigned and disappointed than devastated. I’m sure I shall feel different when the hormones start to crash, and will probably require large mountains of chocolate and the EEC gin lake to ease recovery 🙄 .

    Ellie says we can start trying “properly”, but I’m not sure she realises that this pregnancy *was* the result of six months perfectly timed sex (she refuses to read my charts). Ho Hum.

    We’re supposed to be going out to a club tonight but I have nothing that fits (I look about 4 months pregnant), and how can I possibly enjoy it? I’m going to be on the recieving end of same disapproving looks as I attempt to drink some lovely beer, and I’m certainly not going to explain my situation to everyone. Pah! I say. and possibly double Pah!

    Twiglet (in the depths of limbo)

  9. Twiglet, I’ve left my email address on your lj. I’m so sorry xx

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