I was just checking to see how fat your tummy is…

That was little DG at 6.15 this morning as he climbed into bed and started rifling through my pyjamas.

Followed by “If we don’t have enough money to buy a highchair, we can sell some of the furniture we don’t use very often”  Then he went to the kitchen and rifled through his plate cupboard and came back with some baby cups.

He was quite funny in the scan, too. Mr DG took him for a walk while I made sure they were still alive… the scan took 90 mins anyway for two of them. When Mr DG and little DG came in little DG was mostly engrossed on a game on Mr DG’s phone until I called him over and pointed out there was a baby in my tummy … he punched the air in excitement… and another baby in my tummy. He wasn’t so impressed at that news, admittedly.

He already knows a lot about natural conception, as I wanted to be sure he’d grasped the basics  of that before we introduced the idea of IVF or DE.  First we talked about a seed from daddy and an egg from mummy, then a few months ago he asked how the seed got there and I took a deep breath and revealed the key facts. I think he got the impression that conception is instantaneous, as his first comment when he discovered I had a  baby (ies!) in my tummy, was presumably referring to the fact that we had been together all afternoon, and only met Mr DG at the hospital.

“Mummy, I need to know this it’s very IMPORTANT! How did it HAPPEN? If daddy didn’t squirt the seeds into your privates, then how did it HAPPEN?”

The doctors stifled a giggle, and kmowing the DE background, were presumably agog to hear what the potted version would be. Wisely, I said we’d discuss it later. Well, my initial response was daddy would tell him all about it on the bus, but Mr DG said No way!

So over the weekend we’ll have much discussion about it all, I’m sure.

 Mr DG told all his family all about it last night. I told my family about a month ago.

I even saw the lovely ex-GP who authorised free testing of all sorts for Mr DG and me, back in December, while I was having a cup of tea in a cafe, and she was just overjoyed it’s worked.

PS I am so behind reading blogs. I’ll catch up at the weekend, I promise!

~ by drownedgirl on October 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “I was just checking to see how fat your tummy is…”

  1. You are so brave…I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to explain babies to my son. He’s only asked a couple of times and each time I’ve chickened out and gave the “God sent you.” line. Gah!

    So happy to hear that the babies are there and that you are progressing. Yeah!!

  2. I think being cosleeping cuddly sort of people, and oftentimes feeling a bit sad that his baby days have passed, we have had so many conversations about how he grew in my tummy and how he was born… it just sort of follows on naturally. I do find the idea of a “big talk” rather embarrassing, so I worked out I could avoid that by drip feeding it from when he was about 2!

    In our household we tend to walk round naked and share the shower as well, and he is a great one for questions, so TBH, I don’t know how I could have kept it from him.

    I think being motherless myself, as well, I have this need, in a way, to make sure he hears from me how he grew, and how he was born, and how much I loved him when he was tiny… just in case one day I’m not here anymore. Sorry to be maudlin!

  3. I also decided that if we didn’t tell him about the IVF and DE from day 1, it would fester and be harder to tell him later, and I’d end up fibbing to him when he asked stuff like “So daddy put a seed in your tummy”

    So I figured the sooner I got it all out in the open, the better. A 2 yo – 4 yo just listens so innocently!

  4. yay!

    Twiglet xxx

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