The scars run deep

It’s our nuchal fold scan tonight and there has been much discussion about whether we should now tell little DG about the babies.

Mr DG wants to wait till the 20 week scan and I think even my therapist agrees.  I want to be like normal people and tell him now. I think that even if something happened to them, either at the scan or later on, it would be hard to keep it from him. He’s 4 1/2.

Hobbesy would like to tell the little Hobbesies what happened to her eggs.

My side of the family know all about it, most of Mr DG’s do not, yet.

As the scan is at 5pm and we have no childcare, we have to take little DG so it rather settles it.

But the scars run deep. I’ll go in first and make sure they haven’t died, before Mr DG and little DG are called in.


~ by drownedgirl on October 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “The scars run deep”

  1. Hi DG

    My heart is heavy for you having read this post. It can’t be an easy position to be in. I think I’d be like you – wanting to tell little DG. He’ll be noticing Mummy’s tummy growing and the 20wk mark is a while off and a lot of growth.

    I shall be thinking of you this afternoon and I wish you the very, very best with the scan. I pray you’ll see two strong heartbeats.

    with love and hope

    LysaR (iVill)

  2. I can understand your feelings.

    I too will be thinking of you this evening.

    Best wishes


  3. I do understand how you feel. Warm thoughts coming your way.

  4. will be thinking of u XXX

  5. thinking of you & your entire brood.
    beaming “it is all fabulous” energy your way.

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