Thank God it’s Friday

I am working extra hours at the moment, trying to start saving to cover my maternity leave (not to mention twins!) and as a result it’s a 12 hour day, Monday till Wednesday, with my commute.

Then I work a short day at home Thursday, and day off Friday, so I can pick up little DG from school. The first part of the week all I can really do is work and sleep. I find it hard to eat that much, which is worrying me as all the twins books recommend eating extra especially protein.  I tried to eat lots of cheese and eggs (I’m a vegetarian) but it made me feel bloated and queasy. Then I had a sudden and bizarre urge to eat prawns, first time I’ve had fish in 31 years. Now I am fantasising about prawns. It must be my body craving protein. I ordered lots to come with this week’s shopping.

Still have that horrid feeling in my throat, saw the GP who said it’s not thrush but acid inflaming my windpipe. Lovely. Most of today I’ve been really breathless and a splitting headache. Followed by a very bad nosebleed, I have never had one before! I wonder if I need to tell my haematologist.

So I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Hobbesy’s two littlies are staying with us for the weekend. Little DG is looking forward to it and is hoping baby E can sleep in his bed!

This morning little DG had to take a baby pic with him to school for some project so we got down his baby box. I took out my file of notes from my pregnancy. The midwife’s notes on my very fast very natural labour made me snivel a bit. It was so amazing and beautiful. I do hope things are as positive this time round, even if the twin factor makes things a bit more complex. I have a lovely independent midwife (lucky I have been running some training in my “spare time” that is bringing in some extra funds!) and I feel much less panicky about being thrown to the mercies of unfamiliar hospital staff.

Next Thursday is our nuchal fold scan, and then my booking in appointment with the hospital antenatal the Monday after. I’m dreading both, esp the latter, as I’ll be alone.


~ by drownedgirl on September 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “Thank God it’s Friday”

  1. Oh, I am hoping you get t the second trimester quickly – you knowm the trimester where you have lots of energy and fee less queasy. C’mon, 2nd tri! Hang in there, you’re doing so well! 🙂

  2. We are also vegetarian. Have you tried nuts? Tofu? Some people can’t stomach tofu, but I have learned to be creative. Here in the states we have a yogurt called Kiefer. It is very high in protein as well. The yogurt is a help because it doesn’t have the binding effect of cheese. I read an article that stated if humans stop eating meat, for a prolonged period of time (years) or in my children’s case, have never eaten meat, then our bodies stop producing an essential enzime for digesting it. If fact we can get quite sick. Introduction should be slow. Have you ever heard that?

  3. 12 hour days? wow. I am amazed.
    hope you have a nice mellow weekend.

  4. Daisy, I do suspect I’d be unwell if I ate meat and I think veggies probably adapt so that our digestive systems get the most protein from vegetable sources.

    You’d think eating prawns would give my body a bit of a shock, but it seems to be coping. Prior to this, I spent two weeks trying sll sorts of meat subsitutes. I’ve been munching nuts… and have quite a thing going for chinese hot spicey tofu.

    But even my best efforts and eating whole mozarella cheeses didn’t get me abpve 70g pf protein a day. It’s worrying. The books and the midwife all agree lots of protein is key. But left to myself I’d be living on fruit.

    I don’t feel like shopping or cooking either. Having read my maternity notes from last time, I can see I was this was throughout that pregnancy too. But that time round I wasn’t trying to grow twins.

    I can see I need a plan and falling exhausted into bed, can’t be bothered to make dinner, isn’t it!

  5. Its great to read your blog. I hope you have your feet up!

  6. Glad that things are going well. I have my 1st trimester screening on Monday and am scared beyond belief. At the OB’s scan the NT measured 2.7 – this is quite high and I am really upset. I am going to my IF clinic for the screening and seeing a genetic MD, PHD. Hopefully the blood work and the initial measurement was off on the high side.

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