Beginning to think I might be having a baby

Oops, two. It will take a while longer for me to believe THAT, mind you.

I have had a  nice day. Little DG is at school now, and I don’t work Fridays  so I had  a few hours to myself and had breakfast in a cafe before doing some errands and having acupucture.

I bought myself some larger sized tops and skirts in the charity shop, to see me through the next few weeks at work. I’m 10 weeks, but am bulging out of most of my clothes already. I did have to order a couple of maternity bras as I can heardly breathe in my normal ones. I guess I’m resistant to tracking down my maternity clothes (are they in the shed, did I loan them out, will they still fit)

But then I ordered from Amazon some “Mummy’s having a baby” type books while I was getting myself the next booktour book.

So maybe I’m hedging my bets a little.

I got a twin book from the library.

The midwife is coming to see us tonight.

Perhaps I’m going to have a baby.

Two babies.


PS If you want to grin like a cheshire cat, take a look here and here and here


~ by drownedgirl on September 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Beginning to think I might be having a baby”

  1. Glad you’re heading into a positive place where you believe you are actually having babies. Hope its smooth sailing from here.

  2. It’s an amazing and wonderful thing when the realization hits you, isn’t it? Congratulations, DG. (and I’ll never get tired of saying that!)

  3. Glad that things are going well. I have been thinking a lot about you.

  4. Ha! I laughed when I read the title of your post – a very happy, happy laugh. Wishing you well and thanking you as always for your uplifting notes. Enjoy your day.

  5. settle into it and enjoy every second. This is such a great time for you.

  6. oh you are so having babies. I am so thrilled.

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