Gravida 10 para 1 but looks like another 2 para on their way!

I survived the day, though it’s 2.15pm now and I’m just home after my traipsing from the EPU to haematology and I have to collect little DG from his first full day at school, at 3.30.

It would have been a lot easier if the EPU receptionist had made the appointment the consultant said I needed, when we were in 2 weeks ago, but she was adamant no appointments can be made.

So it was I left home at 7.45 am, no breakfast, to get into the queue, while Mr DG took little DG to school. So I had to deal with the place on my own, and stand around for ages, feeling dizzy. I didn’t dare go to fetch a drink or a sandwich, and as I was on my own, no Mr DG to do that bit. I did get number 2 though, so when the clinic opened properly at 9am, I was waiting just for Mr DG to arrive, to get the scan done. I began to get really cross when I heard people saying they had appointments!

The frst thing I said when the doctor took me through, was how come the consultant said make an appointment, and the receptionist said it wasn’t possible, but others had appointments … and this has happened to me before in previous pregnancies. “The receptionist doesn’t know how to book an appointment on the system” was the reply.

You’re kidding me?! Anyway, my complaint was duly noted and I’m telling you, it’s just as well there wasn’t bad news to impart to me, as by now it was  9.45am and I’d been almost 2 hours in the hospital, and was feeling sick, dizzy and headachy. Place makes me sick!

I was promoted to an abdominal scan. And there they were, doing their thing, much bigger now at 3cm. The doctor was unfazed by the bleeding, even when I described it in detail… and couldn’t see any cause, although she said it’s common after IVF.

Now we’re signed off from the EPU, next scan is 2 weeks time, nuchal fold, in a different clinic, the birthright centre. I walked out of the place so relieved that I WILL NEVER HAVE TO GO BACK!

The letter for my GP has the painful proclamation on it, Gravida 10, para 1. How sad is that?

I finally got breakfast, saw my haematologist, who was cooing over the scan pics (I think all the miscarriages have been as gruelling for them as for me) and picked up a huge bag of heparin. By our EDD, I’ll have been injecting the stuff for well over a year, as I began with the BCPS before the fresh IVF cycle.

Now I’m going to have a little nap. Medical appointments exhaust me.

PS, in case you wonder, I’m never entirely alone at these appointments, as trusty Hobbesy texts me reassuring messages, and always after a good scan, I send her a quick 2 word text almost before I have my knickers on, lol.


~ by drownedgirl on September 18, 2007.

14 Responses to “Gravida 10 para 1 but looks like another 2 para on their way!”

  1. That title really scared me, I’m so glad everything was ok! Let’s hope the bleeding stops soon, it must really be getting you down.

  2. hurrah for being done with the EPU & graduating to the birth center!!
    hope the bleeding stops soon.

  3. What a relief. I’m glad you and the wee ones are all okay. Yes, the title freaked me out a bit too. Ack! Yeah, the worrying never stops.

  4. Oops, I’ll amend the title! Though it did upset me seeing it on the letter.

  5. I can breathe now. I was holding it through the post. I’m glad they are in there growing and totally unaware of any problems in our world. About texting with H, THAT’s SO Sweet!

  6. So glad the scan went well. These months of anxiety are exhausting.

  7. Wheeeeeeeeew. I’m glad the scan went well and hope the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful.

  8. Glad things are ticking over nicely.
    I hate that palce too, but I’ve got my first appt there as an hpt graduate on the 26th. If I make it that far, I *won’t * have anyone with me (no mobile for me)…. just a good book and a huge bar of chocolate.

  9. Twiglet, you are under the same hospital? Don’t take any crap from the receptionist!

    I wish you luck…


  10. Conversation with receptionist on phone yesterday…
    Me… I got a positive test over the weekend and need to make an appointment for the EPU.
    Dumb arse receptionist.. When was your LMP?
    DAR… we need to know so we can work out how far advanced you are..
    Me.. I’m 4wks 5days
    DAR…. so your LMP was 16th Sept
    Me…. If you say so. (No It was actually before then but I had the flu and ovulated late)
    How long has this woman been doing this? Don’t they know that people just don’t ovulate to order on CD14. Idiots.

  11. It’s the same woman, I’m sure. The nurses there are very nice though.

    Just don’t take any rubbish.

    And if you don’t have an elusive appt, if you can get there before they open the doors at 8.30.

  12. I’m glad they are ok, though the 10/1 must be more than a little depressing.

  13. Glad that everything is going okay. I have been thinking a lot about you.

  14. So glad things are looking well for you, I really hope that pesky bleeding stops. And how great that you NEVER have to go back there! 🙂

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