Sorry for the lack of posts

The last week was a bit of a killer. Monday was bleeding and rush for a scan. Worked my usual Tuesday and Wednesday, and then did two extra days, running a course and attending a conference. It’s a bit of extra money for my midwife fund but it totally knackered me.

Looking around the house, I can see how much I usually do during the week. Every laundry basket is overflowing and we have run out of bread, milk and butter. Mr DG throws empty packets away and then doesn’t say anything till he goes to the cupboard and finds it empty. I don’t think he has ever really thought how come things get replenished!

As I am not at all interested in looking in the fridge or any of the cupboards, it’s got to an emergency stage. Me, I just want to eat spicy tofu and made Mr DG pick up takeway on Thursday, and we went out last night.

So today there is so much to do. The wooden floors are all sticky. Mr DG is mystifed that the clean clothes I washed last weekend are piled in a laundry basket still and there are no pyjamas in little DG’s drawers.

The shopping fairy and the laundry fairy and the cleaning up the wee around the toilet fairy have all gone awol in this house.

But later there is a fayre thing on  a green near us, and there’s a circus close by too, and the sun is shining. Yesterday was the first day in a week with no bleeding for me.


~ by drownedgirl on September 15, 2007.

One Response to “Sorry for the lack of posts”

  1. hurrah for the no bleeding!
    & I sooo get the house stuff too. When I go away things just fall apart and as nice as it is to be appreciated upon return, it still sucks to be the one and only that knows just how to keep the ship running.

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