What a relief

All is well.

Though I’m totally worn out after a 3 hour round trip (the drive takes about an hour).

They were very lovely and the receptionist persuaded little DG to stay with her and draw while I went in. It was the same midwife as three weeks ago, and this time she found them with the abdominal scanner. Right away she played me both heartbeats.

They have grown and I got pics of them both looking like tiny babies, waving their arm buds.

She could see no cause for the bleeding.

Thanks for all the good wishes. I am feeling totally overwhelmed by all these ups and downs. Bleeurgh.


~ by drownedgirl on September 10, 2007.

22 Responses to “What a relief”

  1. You’re not the only one. This all isn’t very good for my dicky ticker you know 😉

  2. Thank goodness. I am so glad.

  3. Whew! Thank goodness you were able to go to that clinic again and get such comforting news. Will you call your regular doctor today to discuss the bleeding? Has it slowed/stopped?

  4. I don’t really have a doctor atm. I’m sort of inbetween.. signed off from the IVF clinic. Under the EPU if I want to be. Referred to an obstetrician by my haematologist but waiting for an appointment.

    Waiting to meet the independent midwife.

    And my favourite GP left so if I go the GPs, I won’t know them.

    I’m a bit in limbo.

    I am due back at the EPU next Tuesday, but they already scanned me and said they couldn’t see why the blood.

  5. Whew. SO thankful. Really glad you went today – good news. Hoping, though, that the spotting/bleeding stops for good so you don’t have to worry.

  6. The midwife did say she can see veins quite clearly on the scan. I’m wondering if the combination of blood thinners and walking alot has been the cause. The first time I was actually at a wildlife park, and the second, we’d been to legoland a couple of days before and I had worn myself out a bit.

    My boss did suggest tactfully maybe I should take it easy, and even said I can work at home if I want to. I might do next week, this week is a lot of meetings and I’m running a course Thursday and on an awayday Friday.

    As of next week I am working a few extra hours (early starts) but only going in 3 days p/w and doing the fourth at home. Hopefully that will help.

    I am not doing my normal stuff at all, I have only worked tiny part-weeks, since before the FET and Mr DG has been doing most of the housework and putting little DG to bed of an evening.

  7. bleurgh indeed. So so happy it’s all ok.

  8. The bleeding has almost stopped, and is now brown, btw.

  9. A phew from me too.

  10. PHEW! I am so so so so effing glad for this news!

  11. I missed this whole drama but I’m so pleased that it looks good. It must have been a tough day.

  12. It’s wearing me out totally. One minute I think I’m having twins and I’m trying to think ahead about childcare etc… the next minute I think I might be having a miscarriage.

    I can’t express how exhausting it is. I just want to lie in bed with the covers over my head for a few weeks.

  13. I can’t imagine how difficult this emotional roller coaster must be for you. I think you should take your boss’ advice and take it easy. Go ahead and get in bed and cover your head!

  14. Yay.

  15. i didn’t realize what was going on. what a relief it must be for you to have gotten that scan. i’m so sorry that things are on such a roller coaster for you at the moment. i can only imagine how exhausting it must be for you (not to mention all the pregnancy symptoms you must have). i find taking deep breathes can help sometimes when im feeling all over the place emotionally. just remember as of right now things are going well.

  16. i missed this as well but so glad to hear things are alright. how exhuasting, though!

  17. I’m so glad you were able to get an appointment for a scan and that things are looking fine. I hope this week is nice and calm.

  18. Oh, I am so happy to hear this!!!! Wonderful news, and I’m glad you got to see both little ones so active.

  19. I’m so glad for you. I check in on you a lot. I hope things calm down, and get nice and boring for you.

  20. So sorry for all your scares. SO— glad to hear everything is ok and going well. That is great news. Hope its all smooth sailing from here.

  21. I’m glad everything is still going so well! Thanks for your support on my blog too. I have been going to counseling and it has been a great help. Thanks for the suggestion.

  22. I haven’t checked in for awhile and wow – lots going on! I’m glad everything is okay despite the scares. I hope that is all you’ll have to worry about and the next 7 months are stress free. I’m sending my love your way. XOXO

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