Mr DG is going to call the private place

and arrange a scan for me today. Bit awkward as a) I am skint till payday and b) will have little DG with me so hope he doesn’t realise what’s going on (fat chance) or c) it’s bad news and I cry and am on my own with little DG but no Mr DG, miles from home.

Update: going at 12

~ by drownedgirl on September 10, 2007.

7 Responses to “Mr DG is going to call the private place”

  1. Oh, DG, I am so sorry to read about your latest scare. I am so hoping everything is OK — and that the bleeding stays the hell away from now on. Thinking of you. May the next three hours pass quickly, and be capped by glorious reassurance.

  2. Fuschia I am thinking of you and hoping al is wel with Pinky and Perky. Stay put little guys and grow strong. Hugs hun, Judy

  3. I’m so sorry. It’s just not fair that it should be so harrowing after all you’ve been through. Hoping for you.

  4. oh my goodness. I am just catching up. I will be thinking/praying for you all day. so much love to you.

  5. Hoping for you, hon.


  6. me too


  7. I’m REALLY hoping all goes well with you and your family. Hang in there, you’re in my thoughts.

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