Nose above the parapet

I have been lurking in a rather lack lustre fashion in blogdom, but I haven’t commented much for the last few weeks. My whole body feels like some huge queasy slug.

But here, just to prove I haven’t lost interest in everybody, is a quick precis of this morning’s surfing.

Calliope is not too optimistic after her Frivolous Home Insemination but has been matched to donate!

Forever Hopeful is waiting to test after her sister donated (and was sick with OHSS)

DD just paid out £12k for her DE cycle while Deb is getting the money together.

Stacy has an interesting post about telling about DE

Rae is gearing up for another try, as is The Other Shoe while Peep is underway, miraculously, after a change of donor… and Kami has started as well. So have Pam and Dtrini

The maybe baby just had her DE cycle cancelled but is perservering with great optimism.

New midlife mommy is planning a repeat DE FET after the first wasn’t successful.

Daisy’s donor is about to trigger. Thwarted repeatedly, donating to her partner, has retrieval on Monday.

Lara got a ladybird tattoo in memory of her DE baby, conceived and lost so recently.

Lynette is looking into a return to South Africa, for a sibling.

I’m working my way through my google reader, so more later.


~ by drownedgirl on September 8, 2007.

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