Little DG and little Hobbesy are both starting school.

I’m back at work after pretty much being off since the FET.

September has lots of memories. September 04 we began TTC and I got pregnant… ending in my first d&c on 7th Nov 04. I remember sobbing to Mr DG “Can we try again right away?” Fat lot of good that did us. Three years it’s taken, and a serious change in the strategy adopted!

In Summer 06 I got pregnant. The EDD was 17/04/07. That ended with a d&c on 6/9/06. The EDD for this pregnancy is 17/4/08. I’ll be glad to get past Thursday!

My last miscarriage had an edd of 21/09/07. This will be the first time I’ve ever achieved the holy grail of being pregnant before the edd (I hope)

I had horrid stomach pains yesterday and can’t tell if it was wind, constipation, a UTI or something more ominous. I feel so queasy I can hardly drink, let alone eat. Getting dehydrated makes me feel terribly unwell. I hope I cope OK with a day at work.

Not to mention getting little DG in through the door of his new class “You can’t FORCE me!” he declares. “Why doesn’t one of you stay home and only one go to work!”

Oh joys. Much to look forward to today.


~ by drownedgirl on September 3, 2007.

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