Shave my head and get painted red with fluffy tonsils

What’s what on the pregnancy front? Had a couple of days spotting but it’s stopped. Do I feel less sick? I think so. What’s making all food and drink disgusting? I’ve got a permanent feeling like hair or fluff in my throat and close examination showed what looks like oral thrush all over my tonsils so we took a trip to the chemist. Cue Mr DG trying to subtly request advice from the pharmacist, “something suitable for use in (whispered) pregnancy…” while I fend off the beaming mother of a child from little DG’s old nursery who typically appears just at that point.

So that was one thing we did today. I’m now drinking ginger tea with extra ginger in an attempt to napalm the back of my throat.

New in our household today are some books, courtesy of the library and Amazon. It is worrying that my first thought on picking them up wasn’t the eagerness to rip into them I had with egg donation books, but a mild queasiness and slight sense of hysteria. Oops.

I have skimmed my way through two big fat tomes (speed reader) Having Twins and More by Elizabeth Noble was the first, and lucky it was the first.  At least it made me smile. “In one African tribe the mother of twins is identified by having hald her face and legs painted red and white and half her head shaved. Held to be the incarnation of clan fertility (yeah, right), she is obeyed by all and allowed the privelege of joining in men’s conversations and making jokes.”  I read that last bit to Mr DG. This book is very positive about a woman’s ability to have a normal pregnancy and birth, even if it does think dairy produce of any description is the devil’s food.

When you’re expecting twins, triplets or quads – Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein just irritated me. The section on vegetarian eating (in addition to insisting any vegan must immediately start eating eggs and dairy, luckily I am not  a vegan) uses most of its space to show why animal protein is better. Then it goes on to say I should end up eating 8 portions of dairy, 4 portions of vegetables, 7 of fruits, 10 of grains/breads, 6 of fat/oils/nuts, 2 eggs and 3 portions of meat every day. My word. How would someone do that? You’d need a funnel. I am envisaging me in maternity pyjamas hooked up like a foie gras goose. It also has loads of rubbish about how fast food is actually quite healthy and a good way to get extra calories. I’m afraid anyone who recommends a MacDonalds breakfast as a good way to build a baby, let alone 2, isn’t someone I’d trust with my nutrition. So I just ignored all the tripe about what doctors would and wouldn’t allow. I’m not saying I’d ignore advice, but I can tell you, noone else is the decision maker when it comes to my body!

Last in the pile is Double Trouble by Emma Mahoney which I think is supposed to be funny, but I have sort of lost the will to live at this point. 

Oh, little DG has his first inkling of the DE issue. I was driving and eavesdropping on him and Mr DG.

Little DG: Daddy, please will you and mummy try to grow a baby in mummy’s tummy? (He has been trying to weedle me the last few days, since we saw the little baby A of a close friend just recently) Can you plant a seed?

Mr DG: We can try, but we don’t know if the seeds will grow. Not all seeds grow, do you remember the sweet peas we planted.


Mr DG: Maybe if we can’t make our seeds grow we could get some seeds off somebody else. Who do we know who might give us some seeds? How about Aunty (Hobbesy)

Little DG: But she’s already grown her seeds into T and E.

Me interjecting: Wow, then we’d have a baby just like little E! (Knowing little DG loves her, but underestimating his recent love affair with the much smaller and not walking baby A)

Little DG: I want a baby like A. We’ll have to ask N (A’s mum) for some seeds.

Hmm. Bit more work to do there I think, lol!


~ by drownedgirl on September 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shave my head and get painted red with fluffy tonsils”

  1. I’m all offended now! lol

    Shall I get T & E to send him a nice email tomorrow complete with piccies saying hello?

  2. Good plan.. his address is

    Good he took the idea in his stride, anyway… I rather thought it was funny … he asdmitted it’s because he’d like a tiny baby (let’s hope not TOO tiny, eh?!)

  3. What a sweet story abut DG

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