I’d never stand up to interrogation

Questions from little DG in the last 24 hours, all answered by me as honestly as seemed appropriate.

What’s the difference between poo and wee?

How does your bottom open to let out the poo?

Why can’t I wee in the morning because my willy sticks up?

Why do some people have different coloured skin (to black woman measuring him for school shoes)

What’s that sticky patch in your knickers mummy?

How did your tummy open up to let me out when I was born?

I’m not a good liar. If you have to think on your feet so frequently and explain so many things, how on earth can you maintain a sophisticated pretence?

You see, a teenager may be unlikely to suddenly demand “Are you SURE you’re both my genetic parents?” but a 3-4 year old has their own variation “So I grew from a seed from Daddy and an egg from Mummy, is that right?”

Oh it would just be so much work to pretend!

~ by drownedgirl on September 1, 2007.

One Response to “I’d never stand up to interrogation”

  1. Exactly. And that is why “just keeping it in the family and some close friends” may not actually happen. You never know when the young ones are going to repeat something they’ve been told or ask a really good question. And we don’t want them to feel shame, so everybody may simply just know. But that’s okay because they are our children and we will love them and they will know how much we wanted them.

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