Telling the littlies

Mr DG doesn’t want to tell little DG I’m pregnant till all seems safe. I am hesitant to tell him that there probably isn’t such a time, with twins. I’d like to be like normal people and take little DG with us to later scans. With two growing in there, he might well notice at some point, anyway. Plus he has cloth ears, as me old mum used to say, and will surely pick up on it now most of our families know. I’ll work on Mr DG!

Just had a chat with Hobbesy about it.  Her DS came with us to most of the scans and is very excited at the idea that there might be a new baby born from his mummy’s eggs. He doesn’t know yet what his mummy was growing those eggs for… but as Hobbesy points out, he’s quite obsessed with bumps and babies so he’ll probably notice when he sees me, even if little DG doesn’t.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall listening to a conversation between the two of them! The facts of life with a donor egg slant, as explained by a 4 year old!

I can see them both fighting over the future babies. Lucky we seem set to have two!

PS Been spotting a bit (brown) which the doctor did say to expect, seeing some blood on the scan, but I’d still rather it stopped. I have no further scans or appointments booked on the pregnancy side, at the moment, and am getting the run around from the GP/community midwife.


~ by drownedgirl on August 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Telling the littlies”

  1. I’m sure LaLa knows even though like your H. we don’t want to tell, yet. Well, the puking doesn’t help hide things i suppose, shes not silly, she must know somethings up.

    If I had it my way and if it weren’t for the maybe bump sometime soon, I’d leave it till I’ve given birth and surprise her!

    I can dream cant I?


  2. Thanks for your comment, DG. Can’t help but notice your numbers are about an order of magnitude higher than mine, though. Hm. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But thanks hugely for leaving that comment.


  3. Thanks for the extra comment and the info, too! You know how it is – all the reassurance I can get, and it still won’t be enough!


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