I mailed the independent midwife who delivered little DG

though she has now retired and emigrated. Her old midwifery partner, R, is still operating locally and I am minded to ask her to be my midwife. At the time I had little DG, independent midwives could get an honorary contract to deliver babies in NHS hospitals, they can’t do that now. Mostly they come into their own for homebirths.

“I can’t say much about the chances of a pre term birth as I’m not up to date with the stats.  I know it’s more common with twins, but I don’t think it makes it all that likely.  R  has probably told you.  She looked after 2 sets of twins the first year she was with me, and spent a lot of time finding out as much as possible about it all.  I’ve had several sets of twins over the years and the earliest they’ve been is 34 weeks which isn’t so bad.  Both of R’s went way past that.
You know, it’s like everything in life, it if does happen, you will cope, however scary it seems now. 

Regarding the labour.  You have a really good chance of everything being straighforward.  You had a normal birth with (little DG) which is invaluable and makes a huge differnce.  There’s almost a chance everything would be too quick for them to do anything much to you!
My suggestions would be:
Book an Ind MW because she can come to appts and help you decide what you want and don’t want and at least be there as a support in labour (never mind after with feeding etc).  Obviously I’d recommend R, but she is lovely and also happy to do hospital births which some MWs don’t like.  (Big hospital) will let Ind Mws in as supporters though they can’t do anything clinical.  In some ways that’s an advantage as she can be with you for the whole labour and not be leaving you to sort out equipment, talk to Drs etc.  I’d come round to the idea in the end, that in hospital I was better just being birth supporter and letting the staff do the actual work.
Try and find a Consultant who is pro normal birth.  Even if you’re booked with someone already, it may not be too late to change if you make a fuss.
Nearer the time, make a birth plan and discuss it with the Consultant and/or midwifery staff.  There is where the Ind MW would be helpful also.  Be very clear about how you want your labour to be.  The Ind MWs tend to believe that the less invervention with twins, the less likely there are to be complications (as with any birth).  R  had a client and one of the senior MWs went out to the woman’s home, met with her and R  and they agreed a birth plan.  So that sort of thing is possible.”


~ by drownedgirl on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “I mailed the independent midwife who delivered little DG”

  1. Saw your comment over at going it alone. I don’t think I’m the best role model as my twins were born 5 1/2 weeks early and did have 10 days in the NICU. But they were then, and are now, healthy, and they are happy and chubby and all those things, and almost a year old. So even if things don’t go 100% as planned, they can still turn out great.

    Twin pregnancy is hard, but you can do it. Hope you get to enjoy the pregnancy despite your anxiety.

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