Got my hcg back from yesterday


Doubling time was  44 hours. So things seem to be on track.

I stayed home today but it wasn’t very restful, with a houseful of visitors (they went out for the day at about 12) and little DG stayed home in the morning. As I am officially off sick, I took him to his minders for the afternoon, but he didn’t want to go after 2 1/2 weeks holiday at home with me, and I felt like a bad mummy.

But then I came home and slept for a few hours. So I did need the time on my own. I’m hoping Mr DG will be home early as I want to go back to sleep as soon as I can. Hopefully a good sign.


~ by drownedgirl on August 20, 2007.

15 Responses to “Got my hcg back from yesterday”

  1. Seems like a perfect score by betabase:

  2. Oh yes, we are beautifully average. You don’t know how good that feels.

    No more bleeding or spotting here and I am starting to relax a little. It will be a while before I feel confident about all this, though.

  3. this is incredible – i’m so excited for you!

    a friend going through IVF bled so heavily 10 days post transfer that she didn’t even bother getting a beta because she thought it was her period. Turns out, she was pregnant. Her doctor told her that some people have significant implantation bleeding.

  4. Looks great, although you should switch the chart to the “twins” values, shouldn’t you 😉

  5. That is wonderful news. Wonderful.

  6. I haven’t found one..

  7. … or maybe it’s denial!

  8. That’s just wonderful!

  9. What great news!

  10. This is great news, as the Husband portion of an IVF couple, I know the ups and the downs associated with this and was extremely moved by your posts. Congratulations! I am so happy and pleased with your news. I llok forward to hearing more good news,

  11. Oh I am sooo relieved. My internet has been down for 3 days and I have missed finding out how you were. What a horrible scare! Two? Two? Wonderful. I’m just thrilled for you.

  12. Great number! I am so happy for you DG. When is your next scan? Keep us posted!

  13. I haven’t checked in for a while and I’m stunned and thrilled for you!!! It sounds like things are going well, I will hold thumbs that things continue to develop well.

  14. Great news! I haven’t visited for a while and am glad to find out things are going so well!

  15. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am relieved to hear that you (who had something *real*, by comparison, to worry about with bleeding/spotting in a much wanted preg) have had good news with your beta.

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