Scan later

Still with no response late last night from the IVf clinic, and knowing the EPU (which I hate) don’t scan on weekends unless you’re at risk of an ectopic, I found somewhere on the net which mostly does 3-d scanning.

Mr DG called and they had a message and second number… amazingly, they picked up that number, at 11pm. It’s a midwife run company.

We will get a call back later to  confirm, but should be able to get a scan at lunchtime.

No more bleeding or cramps, but I passed some more membrane/jelly, this time white.

Someone on the FF DE forum described similar tissue and said it was a sub-chorionic haematoma and she is still pregnant. But I think this was a whole embryo and sac and our best hope is that there were originally two.

I don’t understand why with high blood levels and no prior symptoms, all of a sudden out it would pop. I am the mistress of the missed miscarriage. I have had two early losses, with low hcg and  what’s basically a late period. I have had three missed miscarriages requiring a d&c at 7-8w after things stopped developing at 6w. And I’ve had two missed miscarriages where after diagnosis we waited it out and I lost the tissue 2 or 3 weeks later. I have never had a loss at 5.5w, particularly when things looked good.

I don’t think it could be low progesterone, as even though my blood levels weren’t stellar, I took a bit extra, and I’ve had no spotting or anything like that.

~ by drownedgirl on August 19, 2007.

13 Responses to “Scan later”

  1. I’m sorry you’re having all this drama, how scary for you. I hope you get a scan ASAP and find out what’s happening. Hope it all ends up ok though.

  2. HOping very hard that scan shows a better scenario than the one you are imagining. Very hard.

  3. Had a call at 8.30am, from a lovely midwife. So great just to have someone to talk to, even though the scan will cost us £80 plus any blood tests. It makes such a difference just to be able to get some attention and a quick answer rather than the labyrinth that is the NHS (and an IVF clinic that doesn’t seem that bothered past the BFP stage)

    We have an appointment for 12.30 Uk time.

    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s very bad timing that DP’s twin brother, his new girlfriend, her two children and a dog are descending on us later, to squeeze into our two bedroom flat with us for the next week. Just when I want to be lying in my own bed with the laptop and TV, I’m going to have to share little DG’s room with Mr DG and DG.

    I just hope I don’t start on a painful and messy miscarriage at a time when there are 7 people all competing for the bathroom.

  4. Hoping for you xx

  5. I hope you get some answers from the scan– and preferably some good news, too. Ugh– this is just awful.

  6. Well, after some digging to find out the time difference btw the US and UK it looks like you should be having your scan now…fingers crossed for positive findings…please let us know, I’ll be checking frequently until then!

  7. OH MY GOD.

    Two, all is fine. More when I get home.

  8. I am so happy for you!!!

  9. Two! I’m delighted for you!!!

    Fingers and everything else crossed for you.

    Best wishes

  10. De-lurking to say WOW! Oh wow! Hope you’re ok.

  11. Yaaah!! Fingers crossed for an uneventful next few months…more details soon! 🙂 Congrats!

  12. Oh, DG, I’m so thrilled to read your update!!!! What a wonderful relief after that awful shock. Looking forward to reading more!

  13. I’m hoping you’ve already had the scan and it was/is great news!

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