Shouting it out

When I first thought about DE, I hadn’t thought much about what and when to tell people. I realised early on the child would need to know. Then I realised once little DG knew, all our families etc would need to know as he will talk about it. For a while I thought I’d be reluctant to share it with unfamiliar medical personnel.

Yesterday I saw a new GP, and it was the first thing I said.

And I’m looking forward to telling our families all about it (probably wait to 12w) and thinking I’ll need to ask Hobbesy for a pic of her with her two little ones. As my sister is an ex-egg donor, my brother and SIL are about to start IVF and Mr DG’s family has one sister (ex-IVF) one sister (infertile) and one brother (wife had recurrent miscarriage, now separated) together with a step-grandmother not biologically related to anybody… then I don’t think anyone is going to fret. Just a shame they don’t do special cards “Happy christmas to the egg donor of my second grandchild whose father is the son of my lover” sort of thing. 

So, it’s funny… it just seems to keep slipping out. I might as well get a t-shirt printed.

 Actually, if it turns out to be two, and me knocking 43… no need to bother, eh? I do smile a bit at some ED recipients online who are in their midforties, having twins or triplets and don’t seem to realise people surely must suspect, at least!


~ by drownedgirl on August 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shouting it out”

  1. hi DG,
    just catching up with all your great news. what a healthy beta! really happy for you and mr. DG. thank you, again, for your support. it means a lot. my levels are good and i’ve been officially discharged from the IVF facility.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wonderful, wonderful news. Sending many wishes for only smooth sailing from here.

    omg! you are PREGNANT! omg i am so freaking happy for you.
    oh congrats. you SO have 2 in there!

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