Books for children

Zzz, fell asleep during acupuncture but while I still have my eyes open, I’m putting links to some books for children about donor eggs etc

Mommy was your tummy big?

IVF – telling a child

Making Miracles

Our story

The very special ducklings

X, Y and me books

Donor Conception Network

Mother Earth’s Flower Shop (film)

There are also plenty of links in my sidebar under donor egg resources, discussions about disclosure.

Little DG today was saying something to me today as I was drying his toes after swimming, about how we needed a car big enough for a hundred people, then we could have a big family. I said, lightly, well maybe one day we might have someone else in our family, would you like that? He got very excited, I know he’s jealous of his friends with siblings. “But where would we get one from?” he said. We’d try to grow one in my tummy, I replied. “How do you do THAT?” We get an egg and Daddy has some special seeds to make the egg grow, I said.  I’m not promising, though. But maybe, one day.

He’ll be so accepting, if we get as far as telling him how kind Aunty H gave us one of her eggs because Mummy didn’t have any left. Of course, we can expect it to feature greatly in show and tell in his first few weeks of school, lol.  Best get used to that, I’m sure. Mind you, some children think that babies are found under bushes. Donor egg conception makes as much sense as anything, to a 4 year old, I’m sure.

I did buy a few books, way back at Christmas time, because I wanted to be confident I could explain it all to little DG, and any future DE baby. Hopefully, it won’t be long before I need to dust them off. 


~ by drownedgirl on August 15, 2007.

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