Guest Post: A Message from DG

Hello all! This isn’t DG, it’s Calliope. Surprise! It is my insanely great pleasure to be able to bring you the following message from the owner of this blog:

Thursday 9th August is Hobbesy’s 29th birthday and while she was not able to be in Wales with us, I still have a little something to give her to celebrate her birthday.

Something made by clearblue, with the magic word – Pregnant!

Yes, I caved and tested early, Monday in fact, and have been keeping the secret. This was especially hard when Hobbesy texted me that very day to say she’d had a very vivid pregnancy dream!

I so hope this one sticks.

Back Sunday



~ by drownedgirl on August 9, 2007.

21 Responses to “Guest Post: A Message from DG”

  1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful! I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one sticks around too. Best wishes!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so very happy for you, DG!

  3. Wow. Wow. WOW!!!! What great news! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Hopefully I can break my radio silence at least via comment! It’s most frustrating not being able to get into wordpress from my pda.

    I had such bad heartburn Sunday I went ahead and tested Monday 6dp5dt and the digital said positive. Somehow I kept it from H all week, to surprise her today! I did tge second test last night, and the lines are really dark now, the test line is as dark as the control. I was so excited I texted her the pic at 4.30am … but she will hopefully be having a well deserved lie-in.

  5. Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, I’m so so excited, Happy birthday to me!!!

    Ooh yes, of course I welled up and everything. If the lines are that strong Mr H must be right with his twins prediction 😉

  6. What excellent news! And fantastic secret-keep skills too.

  7. Woo Hoo! I am so excited for you! Have a great time on your vacation and looking forward to reading your posts when you return!

  8. Happy Birthday Hobbesy!!!!
    & Happy PG, DG


  9. Congrats DG, really thrilled!!

  10. Woo-hooooooo! I’m so happy for you, DG!!!!

  11. i am SO HAPPY for you DG…i’ve been checking back even though i knew you were away. what great news to read!

  12. So exciting–great news! And gives me hope for FET’s!

  13. So happy for you sweetie xxx

  14. Thanks so mich everybody, especially those who I know are going through a hard time.

    I don’t know whether this one is the charm, but certainly for now I am enjoying the hope that it is, and the lack of compulsion to present myself at the Early Pregnancy Unit.

  15. YES!! Excellent news. Can’t wait until you are back to hear the details. So happy for you!!
    Love and hugs,

  16. That is fantastic news. All the best in the coming weeks and months.

  17. I’m crossing everything for you.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, this is such great news. Wow so many BFP’s lately. So so happy and wishing you all the best!

  19. Congratulations DG!!!! Im SO happy for you!! I truley hope this is the one, and that you have no reasons to have to visit the dreaded EPC .. *hugs*

  20. omg dg I so hope this is it for you!!
    Aw I am just delighted for you all!
    Elaine xxxx

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