Pontificating from the pillows

The first bit of the 2ww will be punctuated by lots of blog entries, though once we’re off to Wales on Friday night for a week, I fear there will be radio silence. My PDA/phone can log on to the net (mountains allowing) but for some reason the wordpress cookie won’t work. I’ll have a fiddle with it.

Today… I am mostly doing nothing. I must say, it’s the bit of IVF I really look forward to, and I don’t understand those women who chafe at the bit being forced to take it easy!  Me,  I appreciate the excuse. It’s worked out well for me as today is one of the days I usually work and  little DG goes to the minder. I’ve arranged to “work at home” so as long as I keep in touch by email via the laptop and do a couple of little tasks, I can stay in bed.

I know there is contradictory advice about whether to go on bedrest or not, but as I’m visualising the embryos hatching and starting to implant, I feel happier offering them the assistance of gravity. Anyway, being on 8mg of oestrogen plus the progesterone and clexane and what have you makes me really sleepy. I had a bit of a wobble about my aspirin the last couple of days. It gives me heartburn, and I do think the jury is totally out on whether it helps with implantation. (See article with a summary fo the research – http://www.jexpclinassistreprod.com/content/2/1/8)  If anything, my personal view is it probably hinders. My haematologist gives me it along with the clexane, from a BFP, to protect againbst antiphospholipid antibodies (which are a problem only once the placenta starts to form) I’m on the clexane now as cover due to the oestrogen as that puts me at risk of another DVT. The haemo said “You might as well take aspirin as well” but that doesn’t seem based on much so I’ve been wavering. I mean, I doubt one tiny little BA tablet will make much difference one way or t’other but who knows. Do you think it would be woolly minded to ignore it on the days I feel it’s no help, and take it on the others? Is that a valid scientific approach?!

Update: I took it.

So, here I am in bed while Mr DG tries to rally the troops (he’s taking little DG with him on the bus.) The house is so cluttered, it’s all I can do not to leap out of bed and start tidying it up. I hate packing for a holiday, or leaving for a holiday, when the place is a mess. Tomorrow MIL and SIL come over to watch little DG, and I don’t know what they’ll make of the place. Tomorrow I’ll be trying to catch up, and get packed.

Says to self “No cleaning. No cleaning” I might just run a couple of loads through the washing machine though.


~ by drownedgirl on August 1, 2007.

One Response to “Pontificating from the pillows”

  1. Relax, take it easy. Like you, I love an excuse to lounge in bed!

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