Fretting a bit

I spent the day pottering, not in bed, but watched some TV, surfed, read a book, did a couple of loads of washing, tidied up and cooked some soup.

But now I’m fretting on two counts. Someone on a DE buddy group I’m on said her clinic insisted on total bedrest “not even sitting up for two days” – so now I’m fearing I’ve shaken the embryos out – and then to make matters worse I realised I had some sort of brainstorm this morning and forgot my progynova (oral oestrogen – 8mg) I’ve taken it now, of course, but I have no idea whether it’s disastrous to have your oestrogen plummet the day after ET. I feel so silly. How could I forget? The tablets were on the bedside table.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, preferably uber-reassuring ones, then please post! All Mr Google can tell me is the half-life is approx 27 hours.

Please also keep an eye on Lara at  little beans 4 me who is anxiously awaiting beta no 2.

~ by drownedgirl on August 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “Fretting a bit”

  1. Fret not. If 16-year-old crackheads can get pregnant when they don’t want to, I don’t think a little gravity will matter. There is no science to support bedrest. None. The clinics encourage it because they want us to chill out. Same w/estrogen. Your body makes it anyway.
    We forget that our bodies are made to be pregnant – even if we’ve had problems, we’re ultimately trying to do something our bodies are made for.

  2. I agree! My clinic says bedrest is not necessary, and this is a very reputable and successful clinic. Not that getting some extra rest is a bad thing, but don’t stress if you haven’t been flat on your back since the transfer. Thinking happy thoughts for you : )

  3. I will third the previous two posts. You are doing fine. May this cycle be successful!

  4. Thank you all. You know how it is, sometimes your mind goes into overdrive. I did feel better on balance getting a few things done, pre-holiday, while also resting and relaxing.

    As regards the missing E2, I’ll take my tabs 2x am and 2x pm from now on, so it will be less of a disaster if I do something silly again!

  5. I did some research on bedrest, and there is no support for it. Here is the link to my search, though you will have to skip past the irrelevant articles that were pulled up, and you can only get at the abstracts. But still, it’s very convincing:

    My clinic requires three days of “couch potato” type rest (laying on the couch, getting up for the bathroom). I don’t plan to follow their advice.

  6. Hiya DG, sorry am slowly catching up on all your posts I too went to Wales and have just got back. Wanted to say that I did exactly the same as you and forgot a progynova, but the nurse said it really didn’t matter just missing one odd one. I found it hard remembering all the tabs too, I am sure I messed up on a couple of occasions actually! I would do what feels right re: bed rest. I did the 24 hrs solid bed rest and then took things easy no heavy lifting etc. So excited for you will now continue with the rest of the posts!! H x

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