So far so good

Despite the frustration of hugging the phone to my side all day awaiting “the call” and then missing it because little DG was creating outside the library, we have got a message at least.

All 9 are dividing, this morning they were a mixture of 2cell and 4cell, three are grade 1 and the rest are grade 2.

No more news from them until Monday now, when the transfer date will be set.

I’m not sure whether they currently count as day 1 or day 2 embryos. They were frozen on the day of retrieval, I think, and thawed yesterday. Does that mean today is day 1, Wednesday Day 5? Or is today day 2 and Tuesday day 5? They have left it open whether transfer will be Tuesday or Wednesday, which is all the more confusing.

Edited to add: I decided today must be day 2, and embryos should be 2 cells going on 4. So things look good.


~ by drownedgirl on July 28, 2007.

One Response to “So far so good”

  1. That’s what I would have said if i’d got here early enough. Glad to hear so many are doing well. My frozen cycle we defrosted 6 to get 2 that were good enough to transfer (and one really sad one I insisted on transferring despite the fact it had lost 3 out of 4 cells!). Your thaw rate sounds pretty good to me. Hang in there!

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