Gor blimey guv

Used this on my earlier post: http://rinkworks.com/dialect/ 

After a 90 minute drive and 90 minute wait wiv wee DG in tow, the bloomin’ scan were not so bad., as ‘obbesy ‘as reported. I’ll get out me spoons. The bloody linin’ varied from 7.7 ter 8.4. She said the spottin’ is me cervix, reactin’ ter the oestrogen.

I took DS swimmin’, right, got a call ter say 9 out of the bleedin’ 13 2pns fored Not so bad.. cleavage report tomorrow. Transfer will be Tues or Weds, aimin’ for blasts. Yer can’t ‘ave a knees-up wivout a joanna. It is scary ter have just 9 left, only a few ‘ours in, do wot guvnor! Fough we do ‘ave 9 more 2 pns and 5 3-day embryos on ice too.

(TMI comin’ up) I ‘ad anuvver big wodge of brown CM this afternoon, stressful or wot. But startin’ progesterone tonight.

I’m not at all ready for a transfer early next week… ‘ouse is moderately tidy but no dvds ter hand, right, fridge is bare and I’m off ter a knees-up tomorrow night. I’ll still go ter that, init?Fed up wiv ‘avin’ me life on ‘old, init?I fink mental relaxation is me aim this time round! Blimey!

Expect a cleavage report tomorrow. It is SO scary ‘avin’ lost 4 embryos at the right first ‘urdle, ffough a 70% for rate isn’t that unusual I ‘ear. It must be just terrifyin’ doin’ a FET wiv just a couple of embryos. On the uvver ‘and, right, ffor 3 or 5 day embryos and pop them hammer and tack in, yer don’t know how they develop from there… we are gonna ‘ave the daily update calls rollercoaster all over again!

Lol, made me laugh. Especially as I do live in Sarf London, innit. 


~ by drownedgirl on July 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Gor blimey guv”

  1. You crazy Brits 🙂

  2. That is really funny 🙂 Aww, makes me only “slightly” homesick!

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