My feet haven’t touched the ground

… for the last few days. I fell asleep exhausted at tea time Thursday so my sensible plan to get packed the night before for the weekend away went by the board. Instead, Friday morning before the nursery run saw me frantically flinging stuff into bags. Between 9.10 and 11.40 I managed to have my acupuncture session and get in enough food to last us for our weekend away. I picked up little DG, took him for lunch then we drove down to the coast.

When we arrived Hobbesy was incommunicado by phone and it was sunny so little DG and I walked over the dunes to the beautiful beach. Little DG was soon naked and rolling in the shallows. I found myself walking back carrying a huge pile of stones, wrapped in his jumper. We met up with Hobbesy and Mr H, the little H’s and Hobbesy’s two sisters plus assorted partners and a few more children. Little DG was in his element. Not just little Hobbesy number 1, who is a great little boy pal, and tiny Hobbesy number 2 who he fusses over, but a couple of cousins, one little and one large.

Mr DG came down by train after work and I drove along the coast to fetch him. It was a beautiful evening and my heart lurched when I saw a magpie. I always see just one, for sorrow (tell me about it) but lo and behold a moment later I saw a second. The next day I saw another pair. Let’s hope it’s a good omen.

The weekend passed in a bit of a haze of windy beaches, freezing waves, slippery swimming pool slides and lots of gangs of children dashing about. It was so nice for little DG to be in a crowd of children. One sad thing about being an only child is how he must wonder if it’s his fault he has to go up and try to make friends with others so often unless he wants to play on his own.

The holiday camp we stayed in is the very same one I often went to as a child. Weird. And it has hardly changed. Even more weird.

We left to drive back Sunday evening and little DG didn’t fall asleep as expected but nattered the whole way. We left the bags of dirty washing and the other unpacking. The house is still full of it.

I could have done without a busy day at work yesterday followed by the end of year meal for the management team. By the time I got home at about 10.30, I was truly knackered.

Today is little DG’s leaving party for nursery, he moves to reception at the school in September. He was so sad this morning that I wasn’t one of the mums helping, that in the end I took a day’s leave with no notice at all and spent the morning staffing a table for icing biscuits, surrounded by hordes of sticky children. At one time I think there were ten. Add in icing sugar, water, food colouring and sprinkles and you get the idea.

I have to go back at 2pm to pick him up and I think we’ll curl up with a film later. We’re both really tired. And tomorrow I have the epic journey to and from the clinic, fetching Hobbesy beforehand.

For now I have two hours during which my conscience will be telling me to unpack those smelly bags of holiday clothes and get this house in some sort of order while my self-indulgent side is insisting I catch up on blogworld while drinking tea.


~ by drownedgirl on July 17, 2007.

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