Is what my son calls acupuncture.

As I am home for an hour before setting off for my baseline scan (had to call in sick to work as the appointment is 11.30) I really have no excuse for not writing a proper blog entry, so I thought alternative therapies was as good a topic as any.

Mr DG drew my attention to  this report  the other day. My first response when he mentioned it was a suspicion that it wasn’t a valid study, and the sample group of women using acupuncture or other alternative therapies alongside IVF was probably older than the control.

This pretty much turned out to be the case. “Dr Boivin found the women who used CATs had previously had more treatment and had previously undergone more treatment for infertility and were more stressed about their lack of success than those who did not.

She admitted the study may simply have shown that those resorting to using such therapies had been having seeking medical help for fertility problems for longer and had worse prognosis.”

It’s also not clear what alternative therapies were being used – acupuncture, reflexology or herbs.

This prospective randomised trial in Germany showed a significantly higher pregnancy rate for those treated with acupuncture before and after ET. This is another interesting article pulling together various studies. What’s needed also is a study which compares women treated with fake needling against those treated with actual acupuncture points.

I’m sure there IS some placebo effect, but if so, why not? It has been known for some time in relation to recurrent miscarriage, that “TLC” is as effective a treatment as any. A woman who receives regular reassurance scans along with rest, is more likely to have a successful pregnancy, where no cause has been found for her losses.

So I’m sure that my regular acupuncture sessions and chats with my acupuncturist do me no harm. I have also used hypnotherapy to help me stay calm and positive when pregnant/likely to miscarry and more recently, relaxation and IVF support CDs. I think whatever makes you feel better and more relaxed is a good thing.

My pregnancy with my son was the time I first tried both acupuncture and hynotherapy. I have such a fear of hospitals, medical impersonalisation and lack of control. The hynotherapy I had really helped me feel calm and positive. Acupuncture gave me contractions when I was overdue with a posterior baby. In the end, I had a very fast, easy, natural labour and I have no doubt that the alternative therapies helped. It makes sense to me to use them again to help me now.

Edited to add:  got this in my mailbox and it cracked me up!

“The National Organisation of Aromatherapists today claimed that they had made a significant breakthrough in the use of essential oils in the reattachment of severed limbs.

Angela ‘Moonbeam’ Moffatt, a 49-year-old Aromatherapist, claimed that a ‘woman in Japan’ had re-attached the arm of a man, involved in an industrial accident, by using a ‘jasmine and lavender infusion.’ “


~ by drownedgirl on July 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Apple-puncher”

  1. I read about that study too and thought it was inaccurate. A clinic here has done studies that show success is higher with acupuncture.

  2. i don’t know about any studies but going to an acupuncturist AND hypnosis helped me get through all our IVF attempts and our DE try. i recorded one of the hypnosis sessions and listen to it on my IPOD when i start to feel nervous. it’s very helpful.

    as you point out whatever keeps you relaxed is a good thing.

    i also found that doing acupuncture right after a failed cycle helped my body release all the extra hormones faster.

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