What’s happening in the world?

I’m feeling rubbish after a long week, a long day and a migraine.

And elsewhere?

Rae is counting the cost of her loss but looking ahead to her FET. Her generous nature is clear from her sadness that she now will need to use her frozen embryos, rather than donate them.

Happier news from Stacey who has seen her baby’s heartbeat and is able to look forward without fear or regrets.

Who’s next onto the rollercoaster? 

Pam is waiting rather impatiently as her donor gets ready.

Lara is almost ready for her frozen DE transfer.

I didn’t realise before  but The Maybe Baby is likely have her fresh donor ET almost exactly when I (hope I’ll) have my frozen – 3rd week in July.

In the seats behind, changing expectations is looking at ET at the very end of July, while
Behind schedule (Daisy) is lined up for early August and the other shoe is hoping for September.

Forever hopeful will be receiving her sister’s eggs and they’re starting in August too.

Edited to add: Conflicted is also doing DE IVf in August


~ by drownedgirl on July 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “What’s happening in the world?”

  1. I love your updates on everyone. Hope you are feeling better after your migraine. Hugs

  2. Migraine still here this morning. And I’m doing the veggy felafel stall at the school summer fayre. Oh joys.

    Updates on everybody else is rather making up for me not saying much myself!

    Until I’m taking some time off work either for the appointments or the 2ww, I haven’t got much time for chit chat.

    And I don’t feel in the headspace for deep thoughts. Somewhere in my subconscious I’m processing the fear that this might not work either. So a deep post is being drafted somewhere in the back room, you could say!

  3. Thanks for keeping up with me, I really appreciate the support. It has been a tough road this time around.

    I hope that your migraine disappears and that you are feeling much better.

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