Don’t mourn, organise

Or as a fellow blogger noted

“Action Is The Antidote To Despair”
-Joan Baez

Yeah, that’s me all over. No doubt I am trampling roughshod on my own innermost feelings and need to grieve. Suffice it to say I feel much better, on the surface at least, now we have a plan.

And the plan is – immediate FET. The first transfer was quite light touch (just oestrogen for the first two weeks, and progesterone after the transfer) so to my simple mind, it won’t do any harm to have a rerun this month, once I stop the progesterone and bleed.

Feel free to cluck as you would to a bereft miscarried woman desperate to get pregnant right away and ignore she even had a loss. Yes, this is parallel. Yes, it’s just going to turn the 2ww into a 7ww. Feel free to cluck. But if it makes me feel better, it can’t be all bad.

Do speak up though if there is some real practical reason why it’s less likely to be successful, by virtue of its speed.


~ by drownedgirl on June 1, 2007.

7 Responses to “Don’t mourn, organise”

  1. No clucking. I say go for it. I’m in the midst of my own rebound FET. Even cycling “immediately” ended up taking a few weeks and I had time to “process” anyway. Life is short, why wait?

  2. No clucking whatsoever. Get back to it. It’s what you need.

  3. Go for it! I would. You are so lucky to have all of those frosties stored away. ‘Do not fear to hope. Each time we smell Autumns dying scent, we know that primrose time will come again’ Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

  4. Speed or no speed, I don’t see any practical reason why it shouldn’t work less than the last try, but then I’m no expert, obviously! Still, I’d do the very same, so there!

    X Artblog

  5. I have tried all my cycles right in a row without a rest. Of course, I’ve yet to have a transfer, but I totally understand the need to move ahead right away. Good luck.

  6. I’ve just found you. Good Luck. I totally undestand where you are at. xxmoo

  7. I’m a big believer in lining up the next cycle asap. There shouldn’t be a problem at all with that.

    And absolutely no clucking at all. I think a negative donor cycle is such a tough thing, so much harder for some reason that a negative with my own eggs.

    This is going to work, it just will take a tiny bit longer.

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