Can’t avoid ’em

I woke up feeling much more normal, cramps gone thank goodness though I was up several times in the night for the loo.

Took DS to nursery which I hate. There is a woman whose little girl is friends with my DS, who I met in the Summer before they started… I told her I was pregnant, as it was pretty obvious (feeling very dizzy and tired) and she ummed and ahhed and said they had put off trying for no 2, but she’d just had her coil out.

Remember she’s a bit older than me, and I’ve had 7 mc. I thought to myself, you’ll be lucky!

Anyway, natch, I miscarried, she got pregnant, I miscarried a second time and her baby is due in a few weeks.

I try to avoid her but she comes up to me and says very intensely “Are you ALRIGHT?!” in a certain tone (ie I’m successfully hugely pregnant and you’re obviously dried up and barren,) or at least that’s what I imagine she’s thinking.

Anyway. I tried to avoid her, but no chance. She plonked herself next to me and a crowd of mums gathered to discuss her imminent confinement. Just what I needed. Place is full of babies and pregnant women, sigh.

Afternoon was nice, decided I could swim as I didn’t have the ET, or at least DS was determined that we couldn’t possibly go the sports centre and NOT swim before softplay, especially as it was really hot and humid,   so we did that.  Then DS went in softplay and now I’m home and in my pyjamas already.

Today my boobs are finally hurting, plus a wave of nausea this afternoon and some light headedness. But it was a very hot day. I texted Hobbesy (well, Mr Hobbesy) to tell her about the sick feeling. “Is that good or bad?”he said.

I gave a quick precis:

Hobbesy bloated or nauseous = bad

Me bloated or nauseous = good, I hope 

Mr and Mrs Hobbesy and the two little Hobbesies were on the beach, so I am assuming Mrs Hobbesy continues to improve. Either that or she’s auditioning for the role of a beach ball.

~ by drownedgirl on May 25, 2007.

One Response to “Can’t avoid ’em”

  1. Lovin’ the sore boobs! I kept prodding mine every 5 minutes to make sure they were still sore, (probably from all the prodding!)Lovin’ the nausea too. Had v. similar experience about the same time after ET re: a sea of pregnancy and babies everywhere you look. Fingers are very excited and remain crossed.

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