Best laid plans and all that

Well bang goes my last day of laziness. The minder is sick (a very rare occurance) so it falls to me to collect little DG from nursery at 11.40 and then the day will no doubt be filled with some energetic activity. He doesn’t do sitting quietly very well, though Mr DG suggested a trip to the library to get a DVD for him to watch. I’ll try lunch in the cafe by the library and then venture in.

That will leave approx 6 hours before Mr DG gets back from work. Somehow I’m not sure even the most interesting DVD will quite span the gap. I’m thinking cake making (absorbing but messy) or just possibly a walk to the park though little DG always wants me to get on the climbing frame and I suspect that might not be the best thing. 

On an aside, this self-imposed opting out of most of the difficult bits of mummyhood has really left Mr DG to shine. He has little DG on a sharp routine where little DG is getting himself washed and dressed every morning (tariff 5p) and every evening promptly into bed by 7pm.

The downside is a wakeup call reliably at 6am, followed by requests for me to rescue lost power rangers from a cave specially created under my duvet as I sleep, of course. Shame an afternoon nap is not on the agenda today then.


~ by drownedgirl on May 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Best laid plans and all that”

  1. A bit more exercise than you anticipated today, I’m sure! In any event, enjoy your day.

  2. Yeah. I must admit I did end up at the top of the climbing frame after he had a wobbly moment and wanted my advice.

    Buit it was a nice chilled day, and made me realise how lucky I am having such a lovely child, a supportive partner and living in a nice flat in a nice place.

  3. I like the get up tariff… bribery gets you everywhere right? 😉



  4. It seems to work. Our DS isn’t very impressed by stars. He prefers hard currency. No exchange rate to worry about! 🙂

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