Steph, Kristin and the …

big needle

I’m sorry, but I laughed. Well, laughed gently.


~ by drownedgirl on May 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Steph, Kristin and the …”

  1. It’s ok that you laughed, I meant it to be funny. After all, if I can’t laugh at myself then I have lost everything that’s important to me.

    Um, though, I don’t know who Steph is. Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name’s Trista aka Temmering. It’s nice to meet you, DG!

  2. Oh no, I’m going mad! I have the names of the two people in two different blogs totally mixed up! Hey, perhaps I’m pregnant.

    You do have an “ist” in the middle of your name. I’m very visual when it comes to remembering names!

    Anyway, good luck, and hope the huge needle was worth it!

  3. Ah, Trista and Kristin. I’ll get there in the end. Ignore me, I’m a worrying about my donor itchy from my progesterone pessaries wishing my boobs would hurt fed up with drinking orange squash not even half way through my two week wait nutty Londoner.

    So keep the funnies coming. Let’s be thankful your daughter and my son don’t get together. Your description of the night in the motel is a killer.

  4. PS Are you sure it was Trista and not someone called Steph jabbing you in the behind with a big needle? Maybe you could just check your records?


  5. No, I’m pretty sure it was Kristin jabbing me in the tush with the needles. Here’s to hoping that you’re pregnant, too! Of course, with everything on your mind, I think the names of people an entire world away should be, deservedly, pretty low on your list 🙂 I’ll start wishin for your boobs to start hurting, too. Extra wishes can’t hurt.

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