Big brother house, day 3

Humph. Little DG woke me up at 6am wanting to give me kisses. He sort of whispers to himself under his breath “Lovely kisses,  lovely mummy”, dives in for a slobbery peck and then looks surprised when I sit up and says “I didn’t want you to wake up mummy!”

Yeah, right.

Mr DG has got up at least, and I have a cuppa in bed, but I won’t get back to sleep now.

Little DG pinched my thermometer from by the bed too, playing doctors and nurses on me yesterday. He can’t work out why I’m in bed. I was temping just out of interest, and now I’ve had to use my spare thermometer I don’t know whether the big temp drop (implantation?) is legit.

I spoke to Mr Hobbesy last night by IM, and Hobbesy has taken a turn for the worse again, Mr H is going to need to stay off work. I feel really bad as they have a baby as well as their DS, and poor Mr H has been looking after them all since Wednesday. He has an exam at work tomorrow, too.

So that’s pretty grim.

Time here is going quite quickly though. It always does on the rare occasion I get to slob around. I can just stay indoors and do nothing right up till Thursday, when DS needs picking up after nursery. SIL and MIL will do that though, and I’ll take myself out for a stroll. Friday (embryos 9 days old) really will be back into the fray, normally DS and I go swimming in the afternoon or to the park, I’ll try to find something that doesn’t involve water or strenuous exercise/lifting.

Edited to add: traffic to both our blogs is at an all-time high, especially hits on yesterday’s  embryo pics

I think quite a few women are beginning to consider donor eggs. I was surprised that the official statistics in the Uk were only 500 odd DE babies born in the UK last year. I think this must be under-reported and exclude the exodus to clinics in Spain, Eastern Europe and Cyprus.

If anyone has found their way here and is considering the option, I’d go ahead and read this book: Having your baby through egg donation, this article and join the forums at both of which have boards on donor eggs, treatment abroad etc. Leave me a message if you want more specific links.

Hobbesy has set up a blog specifically to encourage more women to donate.

My blogroll on the right now has a separate section for donor egg blogs. There is a spread, US, Canada, Australia, and one from UK (went to Spain) – Mi Historia. They’re also a mix of women with POF, ex-cancer patients and oldies like me.

~ by drownedgirl on May 21, 2007.

One Response to “Big brother house, day 3”

  1. well I hope you don’t get voted out of your own house!
    LOVE all of the updated links & information. SO helpful.

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