All done

Quick note here from my bed.

I was up early and saw my acupuncturist then a friend picked me up and we drove to the clinic in Kent. Hobbesy arrived looking about 6m pregnant, with her ovaries still all swollen. They scanned her and said no fluid, and the ovaries should shrink gradually and go back into her pelvis.

Then it was into the procedure room where the embryologist showed us our embryos on the screen. 2 beautiful 8-cell embryos just a whisker short of grade 1. From the eight they were cultivating, only one had stopped developing, most of the others were at 6 cell grade 1, so they will freeze a further 5 at this 3-day point, to add to the 22 frozen earlier.

Hobbesy took a couple of pictures with her phone of the embryos on the screen as the clinic’s PC wasn’t working properly to save the images.

Then the doctor popped the embryos in and gave us a scan pic of the little whoosh of fluid. Hobbesy had to dash off as Mr Hobbesy was juggling the little ones in the waiting room.

I rested a bit then my friend brought me home. I felt obliged to make a quick lunch, but am now in bed. I have another acupuncture appointment at 6, then I intend to get into my pyjamas for a few days and start on my stash of dvds. Bliss.

Edited to add: thought it was good karma this was the front page of the supplement of my newspaper this morning:,,2082292,00.html


~ by drownedgirl on May 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “All done”

  1. Good luck, DG. All my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Transfer is magical! Isn’t it the loveliest idea that you leave the hospital with two emmies in you? Hope it all works out and that you are holding two healthy babies in eight and a half months time! Good luck in the two waiting weeks!

  3. I am so excited for you, such good omens. Fingers couldn’t be more crossed for the next two weeks! Enjoy the slob fest!

  4. Thinking of you!
    now rest!!

  5. Haven’t spoken to Hobbesy since we said goodbye at the clinic. Night sweetie. Hope you continue to feel better over the next few days.


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