Plans for tomorrow

I can’t believe how relaxed and optimistic I feel.

I have had a lovely day and am revelling in the experience of getting lots of good news, for a change.

Tomorrow I am getting a cab to see my acupuncturist very early, then a close friend will collect me and drive me the 75 mins to the clinic, where Hobbesy should be also for her check and to supervise the ET!

I hope noone thinks it’s too odd that Mr DG will be back in London, with little DG. Both our sometimes babysitters (Mr DG’s sister, and little DG’s godmother) have taken it into their heads to go on holiday, and the thought of going on this epic trip with a manic 4 year old in tow does not appeal.

I have read blogs of lesbians undergoing ART umming and ahhing about passing a known donor off as a heterosexual partner. I swear, until Mr Hobbesy turned up, for the first time on EC day, the evidence was pointing to us fitting in this mould. Mr DG came for the first appointment and to do his duty in the pot on EC day, but apart from that, practicalities have meant it has been an all-girl adventure. Well, apart from little Master Hobbesy, who probably has a rather bizarre view of the baby making process,  at this moment in time. (Two women take it in turns to recline, wearing paper togas, while a third woman, in a uniform, comes at them with a dildocam!) Hmm, maybe we should have caught it on film, there’s sure to be a market, and it could have helped to offset expenses!


~ by drownedgirl on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “Plans for tomorrow”

  1. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.

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