I’ll tell you what’s odd…

We are due a call about progress of embryos this morning. And when I woke about 6am I wasn’t lying there thinking “5 hours till we hear”

I have had so many experiences, miscarriages, where I was counting the hours till scans, tests, results. Why is it that when you’re expecting news that is likely to be good, you’re happy to wait awhile, but when it’s bad news, you’re desperate to get it over and done with? You would expect the opposite. Surely bad news should be put off as long as possible.

When bad news looms, your mind goes round and round in circles. You know it’s inevitable, but you still hope for a reprieve.

That’s my thought for the Waiting blilt

Do you know what I found there? A thought from Hobbesy I didn’t know she’d written “I worry if we fail it will be my fault somehow”

I don’t deserve her! I hope she’s OK. No word from her or Mr Hobbesy since yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get a text soon. Images flit through my mind of mercy dashes in ambulances. I wish I knew all was well in her bruised and battered tummy.

Embryo progress report I can wait for. Progress report on the friend I don’t deserve – I need that NOW!


~ by drownedgirl on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “I’ll tell you what’s odd…”

  1. I waddled downstairs again! I’m alive I promise. Although the little ones are kicking off at me now, so may waddle back up in a minute. I’m waiting for a call-back from nurse K, just to check its normal that I’m still this battered, and that bloating hasn’t gone down at all. I’ve a feeling she’ll say its due to the high number of eggs as there’s no other signs of ohss. Scan tomorrow anyway, so we can be sure then.

    You’ll be glad to hear I’ve finished all my lucozade sport!

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