Just got in and hopped straight into bed with my laptop. I just need some time to regain my composure. DP is running me a bath.I found the ER really harrowing.  After Mr DG had done his “bit” he looked after KF’s 2 children (DS4, DD, 1) at a nearby country house/garden. KF’s DH was with us to take care of her pre and post sedation as she gets very weepy, especially at the venflon, given that she hates needles!So I joined them in the procedure room when she was pretty much out, by all accounts she was very upset as she went under.

I found it really harrowing. I could see she wasn’t in much pain, but she looked so vulnerable lying there. The doctor was very quick and drained every follicle very swiftly. He said as there was no free fluid in the abdomen, it is a good sign that she won’t get OHSS too badly (hope he’s right)

After it was all done (the embryologist was having trouble keeping up with the tubes and the whole thing took about 45m) she was transferred to a wheelchair… unfortunately she then passed out as she was being wheeled through the doorway to the rest area and had to be put on oxygen and laid flat for a while before she came round from that.

The last I saw of her she was in a lot of pain and being driven away gingerly by her DH. The good thing was her DS and DD were fast asleep by then after an energetic day with my DP.

So I feel pretty rotten and I just hope she doesn’t deteriorate as OHSS hits as I feel bad enough already. Apparently it comes on 2-3 days after ER so she will come back to the clinic alongside me on Saturday (ET) day for a scan and check. 

Gosh. I am very exhausted and tearful. I will need the next two days to gear up for my part in things, and to be honest, I’m not much bothered at the moment about what the eggs are up to. I’m just feeling the burden of having someone close to me go through that on my behalf.

Oh: there were 36 eggs. We find out tomorrow how many fertilised. Half of any embryos will be frozen right away, if a decent number.

I’m sure by eleven am tomorrow I’ll be back on the horse and desperate for a progress report. Right now, I think I’m just going to have a little cry.


~ by drownedgirl on May 16, 2007.

8 Responses to “Harrowing”

  1. oh honey. It had to have been hard to be there and not take all of that weight on. As tough as it must be, you have to remember that KF is a tough cookie and you saw her at the MOST vulnerable. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel more like herself and YOU will have your progress report.
    36 is an amazing number!
    sending healing thoughts KF’s way.

  2. That’s the worst over surely?
    It must be really hard but if the doctors don’t expect her to get OSSH then I’m sure she’ll bounce back. And 36 eggs is amazing. It’s all worth it in the end. I’m sure your frind feels that way too.

  3. Yeah, I know. She wouldn’t want me to be upset, but it was just so overwhelming. It must be a little like if your child has an op… only in this case it wasn’t even essential surgery!

    I must say, I do feel for very young women who donate, especially if they don’t have someone close with them.

  4. Wow. 36. Unbelieveable. My thoughts and prayers are with your KF as she recovers. I hope the OHSS passes her by and this all works out well. Fingers crossed for good fertilization, too…

  5. 36 is amazing, your poor KF must be so very sore this evening.
    Btw I don’t think anyone feels ok sitting up after EC, at my clinic you are moved on a bed, not allowed to sit up at all.

  6. 36! That’s amazing?!
    I hope KF recovers swiftly.

    It must have been an emotional day for you. I hope it leads to good news soon.

  7. Bless you for your unselfish concern. I was only thinking of myself, my eggs, me, me, me. I feel ashamed a bit now. I am sure / hopeful that she will be just fine, and that your bit will go well too.

  8. KF is an amazing, amazing friend (but then you already knew that!). I hope the OHSS is mild. And I’m on pins and needles for the fertilization report!

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