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Goodness, what a rollercoaster! When I arrived at KF’s this am and she was just on the phone to the clinic … e2 levels 25000 uk measure, 6700 us … we thought we’d be cancelled for sure.

So we drove to the clinic all doom and gloom… KF’s ovaries are now so big they’re touching… more than 40 follicles … even sized, mostly 18-20mm… but as she has no fluid in her abdomen … they’re ok to go ahead!! We almost burst into tears…they will keep her on suprecur after wednesday’s ec… and bring her in on et day for a scan and possible treatment if she’s getting signs of ohss.

I’m feeling a bit stunned now.


~ by hobbesy on May 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “Stunned”

  1. This is a pleasant surprise! Poor KF, I bet she’s feeling like she’s packing bowling balls. Hopefully she’ll feel so much better and soon, after the retrieval.

  2. Yeah! That’s great. Hang in the KF!

  3. Wow. So glad the cycle didn’t get canceled and hope KF is feeling ok. Thinking of you.

  4. Great news!

  5. Yeah, she’s feeling pretty rough and will feel worse after the collection I think. But the end is in sight and hopefully they will be monitoring her closely.

    I asked the doc whether, as it now seems likely she does have PCOS, how we know the egg quality is OK, and he gestured at the two little DG’s busy wreaking havoc in the scan room, so I guess he thinks the evidence is clear!

  6. wow!
    SOOO glad that you guys can proceed.
    Sending lots of COMFORT vibes to KF.

  7. Whoopee! Here’s hoping things continue to go well and you both recover well after the amazing ups and downs!

  8. Congrats on the go-ahead! And I hope KF feels better soon – more than 40 follicles – Wow!

  9. WOwee! Fab news! wishing you all the best of luck.

  10. […] the original DE IVF cycle was within a whisker of cancellation after Hobbesy […]

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