Not sure what to think

Today was return trip to the clinic.

My lining is 6.5mm but they seemed happy with that and said it will get there.

KF has 14 follicles on the left hand ovary, mostly 14-16mm, and on the right 20+, a couple at 18mm, but most much smaller.

They took blood to check oestradiol, we go back Monday. It’s 50/50 whether they need to cancel. There are very strong ethics here about the care of donors and avoiding OHSS.

We don’t really know how to feel at the moment…

Oops. this is DG, by the way. I’m using Hobbesy’s PC and it’s got us mixed up!

~ by hobbesy on May 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Not sure what to think”

  1. Sending you tons of “do not cancel!” vibes, DG. And I hope KF isn’t feeling too uncomfortable.

  2. thinking of you BOTH.

  3. wishing you the best and thinking of you in your journey.

  4. Thinking lots of slow and steady thoughts. Here’s to KF feeling ok and the cycle continuing.

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