Five good reasons to get eggs from a friend…

1. Someone to gossip with on the drive to the clinic

2. Friend’s gorgeous DD comes with you to help you keep your eye on the ball!

3. Someone to make soothing noises when you’re squabbling with the clinic over a mischarge

4. Someone else to try to remember the complicated schedule

5. Texting  like teenagers :”Have you started..?” “Yes, finally, have you..?”

Menstrual cycles synched, spotting all round, a scan for me tomorrow and with luck we start proper right away.

5th May 2007 – KF starts her stims.

5th May 2002 – little DG was conceived.

Let’s hope it’s my lucky date!

~ by drownedgirl on May 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Five good reasons to get eggs from a friend…”

  1. I’m glad if its made everything just that little bit less stressful. Good luck for the morning, and your early start. Off to the clinic without me? That just seems wrong now!

  2. Yes, why was I up at 6am and about to leave in a minute 😦

  3. Hi. Thanks to linking to “Babies on Ice”. Your
    comment got cut off but I was able to link to your
    home page. Your blog is excellent and I appreciate
    your positive approach in posts like the one above.
    We donated our spare embryos to some
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