We’re off to the clinic for KF to have a scan in case she has PCOS, and for us to plan dates etc.

KF has been worrying all week, bless her (something like they’ll discover she doesn’t have any ovaries at all, that sort of minor hiccup, you know…)

She also twigged that maybe we’re already too late to start the cycle at the very beginning of May, as we’re not even on BCP yet.

My concern is that they find a way to ship any left over embryos to the hospital who can freeze ones which are a theoretical hepatitis risk, as ours are despite Mr DG’s negative RNA test.

Anyway, it’s a lovely sunny day and I’ll  be heading off soon. It’s a nice drive, opposite direction to rush hour traffic and made all the more peaceful by the absence of little DG, who normally asks questions continuously and requires me to listen to HIS choice of CDs.

 KF and I are planning an early lunch to come up with our list of questions.

 Wish us luck! Maybe we’re doing DE IVF in May, and maybe not!


~ by drownedgirl on April 5, 2007.

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