I’ll play, you sing

One of our main missions of the day was to squeeze in a ladies lunch at a place recommended by women on our clinic support board. It was an Italian place and very nice and we had a glass of wine with it and a lot of raucous chat though in the end it was a very late lunch as our appointment was brought forward to 1, but then they ran late… we got in  there at about 4 for some food so it was quite a long day after I’d driven from London, picked up KF and got over to the clinic.

Oh, you weren’t checking in for the lunch report,  but for an update on our planned cycle?

Here I go then.

KF’s scan went fine, no PCOS there. The little paper toga was very fetching I thought. KF was wearing cute little pink socks which matched her jumper, and lo and behold, so was the doctor. Not pink socks, you misunderstand me… matching socks …in his case stripey socks and a stripey jumper.

We came away with our BCPs and our dates, and start the pill today. Help! It’s happening! Many forms to fill, twice as many as normal as we are doing half each.  A case of “I’ll play, you sing” quipped the nurse. I hope we get that the right way round, as I am tone deaf while KF is a professional singer. Let’s hope that’s good karma.

Our baseline scans are May 2nd.

My DP called my haematologist and ‘fessed up and as I’m not supposed to take HRT since my Deep Vein Thrombosis, I’m on heparin from now on. I worked out that’s 56 injections before I get to do the pregnancy test, even. That’s about twice as many needles as Kind Friend.  And they STING!

But I know she has the worst of it, really, as she hates needles.

Ah well. 24 days of BCP. That’s the calm before the storm I suppose!

Update on the superstitious stuff:

I must confess to occasionally playing a round of solitaire on my pda and saying to myself “If I win this one, the IVF will work!”  Now, bear in mind I’m not very good at solitaire, and playing this at KF’s this evening with her DS fondling the PDA, perhaps was a little distracting. But I won.

Then I played and won again.

Mr KF smirked. That will be twins then, he said.

~ by drownedgirl on April 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “I’ll play, you sing”

  1. I am so excited for you!
    ( changing subject slightly, another good lunch place http://www.thehandandsceptre.co.uk, although I know where you went and the food is great!)
    Best of luck, my fingers are firmly crossed from here on in, (shall I cross two fingers or just the one….. :))

  2. I’m superstitious as hell, so I’ll echo Mr. KF – twins, indeed! Good luck, DG. Here’s to a healthy May cycle and a happy ending for all.

  3. […] (Mr DG says he saw an omen two nights ago, twin thistles growing in our garden. A lone thistle popped up the day his father died, he said. Mr Hobbesy has been saying it will be twins, right from the start) […]

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